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Every Single Puppy from Litter Thrown from Moving Vehicle on Christmas Day Is Adopted


Many people spend Christmas Day with their families, opening presents, eating way too much food, chatting, laughing and reminiscing.

For many homes, “families” include beloved critters of all shapes and sizes, with presents under the tree addressed to dogs, cats or other household pets.

But at least one person in Florida used their time on Christmas Day to do something horrible to the animals in their care. On Christmas morning, some heartless soul tossed five puppies from a moving car and drove off.

It’s one thing to surrender pets that you cannot care for, but throwing them from your vehicle to the street shows extreme cruelty.

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These roly-poly pups must have had enough chunk and dense enough coats that the tumble didn’t hurt them, and thankfully someone who cared more about their wellbeing than their former owner was nearby and called it in.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted photos and a brief description of the incident around lunchtime on Christmas Day.

“Great Christmas Puppy Rescue *share,” it began. “It wouldn’t be Christmas without a puppy rescue! These cute little guys were thrown from a vehicle today.”

“Thankfully a concerned citizen called us and the men and women in green came to the rescue!”

“Deputies brought the pups back to the ECSO where the deputies and dispatchers got some puppy time. All of the pups have been adopted and one was named ‘Tinsel.'” Any suggestions for Christmas names for the other pups?”

“Thankfully none of the pups were injured!”

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It’s infuriating that someone dumped these innocent puppies, especially on a day that’s usually reserved for good tidings and joy — but a lot of good came out of it.

The puppies weren’t hurt: That was the first blessing. The second was that the cops and rescuers got to experience a little Christmas-time puppy love.

The third positive? “They all found homes very quickly,” according to ECSO. Christmas day ended much better than it began for all five pups and we hope their Christmas Day next year is much more uneventful.

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