Evidence Now in FBI Hands Reveals Hunter Biden's Shameless Plans to Exploit World in Chaos


While the establishment media continues to ignore that Hunter Biden repeatedly dropped the N-word in text messages to his lawyer, more evidence is emerging that the Biden son is a corrupt opportunist who used the family name to exploit political chaos for cash.

In 2014, then-Vice-President Joe Biden was serving in the Obama administration as it dealt with a global spate of political chaos.

Russia had annexed Crimea. ISIS was waging war in Syria. Iraqi terrorists had killed more than 100 civilians in a series of bombings.

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And then Biden, the man who had been wrong on every major foreign policy decision of his lifetime, was in charge of key aspects of Obama administration foreign policy.

Amid such global suffering and chaos, the younger Biden and his business partners took advantage.

As Just the News reported this week, “Hunter Biden, the vice president’s son, and his colleagues at Rosemont Seneca Partners and related businesses found it the perfect time to conquer a turbulent world for more business, according to emails on a Hunter Biden laptop hard drive seized by the FBI in December 2019 from a Delaware repair shop.”

Their first targets were the sovereign wealth funds, or state-owned investment portfolios, of rich American allies and enemies, including China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, among others.

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In an email to Hunter and another colleague from February 2014, according to Just the News, one business partner explained, “I’ve been researching sovereign wealth funds lately in hopes of coming up with a plan to add another large manager (multi-billion dollar fund) to RSPI’s platform, without over-relying on the Taft Hartley channel.”

“I think this would provide us additional near-term cash flow while increasing the odds of landing a large allocation,” Daniel McHale, the RSP Investments managing director wrote, adding, “Also, similar to Taft Hartley funds, it’s a segment of the market where we could have a definable edge.”

The email included the list of sovereign wealth funds they were targeting, which totaled about $3 trillion.

While looking to do business with countries his father was dealing with in his official governmental capacity, Hunter sought meetings with world leaders, making use of his father’s official calendars and government proceedings to do so.

The emails show that Hunter allegedly asked UAE ambassador to the United States Yousef-Al-Otaibi for help with one business deal in January 2014, writing, “Mr. Ambassador, I have a meeting today at noon regarding InfoSpan and was wondering if there is any update. Sorry to be a pain regarding this. Hope all is well. Best, Hunter.”

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When he missed on that deal, Hunter corresponded the following month with the French ambassador to the United Nations, Francois Delattre, regarding a potential business deal, having met Delattre at an Obama White House state dinner with then-French president Francois Hollande.

“I was proud to be included in the dinner to have had the chance to meet President Hollande,” Hunter wrote. “I don’t remember if I had the opportunity to mention that my business partner has a personal relationship with Ben Jenkins (info below) whom is in the midst of an attempted acquisition of TDF France.”

When Hunter explained that his company was “assisting Ben informally by helping him gain different perspectives” and that he “was hoping to get a few minutes of your time to introduce you to Ben,” the diplomat connected Hunter to aides “more knowledgeable on French markets and the business environment than I.”

If this were not enough, Hunter allegedly sought a meeting with the Chinese ambassador to the United States after his trip to Beijing aboard Air Force Two, and, in 2016, worked to line up a meeting with Enrico Rossi, then-president of the Tuscany region of Italy, inviting Rossi to an event being hosted by Burisma that summer.

None of this should be surprising given that it is well known that Hunter has long used his father’s political influence to pocket troves of cash in his own personal business dealings, which he was unqualified for aside from his last name.

Amid all the truth-speaking to power, where is the media to speak to truth to power?

Aside from watching their false narratives about the Trump administration fall apart, it is feigning ignorance or otherwise focusing on the blowback against Hunter rather than Hunter himself.

This is because Joe Biden is the only thing preventing Kamala Harris from becoming president, which would be a full-scale disaster area for the party given how terrible she is at politics.

Thanks to moderate Democratic senators, the FDR-style progressive agenda may not get rammed through regardless. But it certainly won’t be going anywhere if Kamala Harris is fronting it — and Democrats and the media know it.

Above all, for the sake of the media, we must pretend that the coverage would be exactly the same if someone swapped “Trump” for “Biden.”

It is a matter of political utility and, for at least a while longer, the Bidens are useful.

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