Ex-MSNBC Host: Black People Should Have the Right to Kill a White Person Who Calls Them the N-Word


A former MSNBC host argued on social media Thursday that black Americans who are called racial slurs should be legally permitted to murder the person who offended them.

Touré Neblett, a one-time on-air host for MSNBC, commented on the recent death of a 77-year-old man in Florida who was punched by a black employee at a Dunkin’ location in Tampa a week ago. WFLA-TV reported that 27-year-old Corey Pujols, who is black, was working at the location when an impatient customer entered the store after becoming fed up with poor customer service.

The victim, who has not been named, engaged in a verbal spat with Pujols in which he was alleged to have twice used a racial epithet. Per police, Pujols punched the man, who fell to the ground and later died. Pujols is charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly or disabled adult with a weapon.

Neblett, who routinely posts racially charged statements online under the name Young Daddy, took up the case on Twitter and made a plea for leniency for the accused killer.

WARNING: The following social media posts contain graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

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“A 77 yo white customer at Dunkin Donuts was upset about something and he called a Black 27 yo employee the n-word. The brother told him say it again. The old man did. The brother knocked him out. The old man fell, lost consciousness, and died. He f***ed around and found out,” Neblett tweeted.

In another post, he concluded, “If there was actual justice in this country, as opposed to white justice, then if you went to someone’s minimum wage job and called them the n-word twice, whatever happened after that would be legally acceptable.”

The former MSNBC host then tweeted an array of messages defending the murder of people who use racial slurs.

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The main flaw in Neblett’s unhinged argument is this: Words, no matter how ugly, insensitive or vulgar, do not equate to violence. Full stop.

The man killed in the attack, if indeed he did utter a racial slur, as was accused, should be breathing right now. He should have been removed from the Dunkin’ location by police, and that’s if he had not left of his own free will. In no context — and it’s shocking that as a country we have to shoot down such a disgusting argument — is using an ugly word in any way equal to denying someone their life.

Hearts and minds can be changed, but killing someone is permanent. Words are themselves not violent, unless those words are, “I’m going to kill,” and uttered by someone with the intent and means to imminently kill.

Also, let’s look at Neblett’s flawed logic.

Per the former MSNBC host, the man who lost his life in this all-around tragic situation “f***ed around and found out.” Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like, “The guy should have complied with the commands of the arresting officers,” or “Why didn’t the man stop resisting?”

Do today’s race-baiters even have uniform standards for their arguments? Do they have standards of behavior for themselves?

Are you surprised to see that a former MSNBC host holds such despicable views?

According to the logic of Black Lives Matter and affiliated activists, black men and women, no matter their alleged crimes or behavior, are entitled to life and liberty as an absolute conclusion. The behavior of some people preceding their deaths is always to be blamed on police officers.

Suddenly when an elderly white man is accused of using the N-word, the taking of his life is justified with no further explanation needed. This is of course further proof, if we needed any, that the current social movement against “systemic racism” is nothing more than a platform for imbalanced people feeling aggrieved to become publicly unhinged — and with the full support of the country’s institutions.

It’s about nothing more than skin color, as it always is. Whatever happened to walking away from someone who is not worth your time?

It’s clear why MSNBC once found Neblett worthy of airtime: His opinions have no place being taken seriously in a civilized society.

Human life is precious, even if the person killed allegedly held hatred or prejudice in their heart. The life of another person, even amid an emotional situation, should only be taken as a final and last resort to all other means of de-escalation — always.

That’s something that is apparently not taught at home anymore in this country.

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