Twitter Blue Check Wishes Elon Musk Die in Tesla Fire After He Flashed 'OK' Sign During SNL


The radical left’s insanity continues as freelance writer, editor and Twitter blue check Daisy Barringer wished a horrific death for Elon Musk for flashing the “O.K.” hand sign during his SNL appearance last weekend.

The DailyWire reported on Barringer’s hostile tweets in which she claimed Musk’s gesture was a symbol of “white supremacy.” She later locked her Twitter account after receiving backlash online.

“Wait. Whaaaaaaaaa… did Elon Musk just … like… aggressively flash the white power sign during the Weekend Update? Please tell me I’m insane. Please. No really. Going to need you to tell me I’m insane,” Barringer said in one tweet.

“Listen, usually when I say I hope someone dies in a fire, I’m being hyperbolic. But, like, Tesla’s do burn for four hours straight, so like … I’m not gonna be mad about it,” she added. “I kept watching because I really hoped one of the cast members was going to walk to the front of the stage at the closing and punch him out.”

Once again, we see a radical leftist looking anywhere and everywhere for “racism,” even fabricating it where it doesn’t exist.

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Does this perpetual “woke watchdog” mentality constitute the state of the left today?

Barringer went even further, tweeting “Definitely never thought Saturday Night Live would send me into a tornado of existential despair. But here we are. I almost don’t have words but I will say I hope his Tesla catches on fire and he dies. :)”

No. Elon Musk did not make a white supremacist gesture during his SNL appearance.

Any notion that he did is sheer insanity.

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Still, even when corrected, Barringer doubled down.

“Omg the people excusing Elon Musk saying it’s the ‘okay’ symbol. Wow wow wow. I guess they never learned about context,” she tweeted. “Why would [he] be saying okay at all, much less forwards and backwards.”

The left has become so conditioned to look for problems where they don’t exist, even going so far as labeling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as “racist,” according to one Huffington Post report, and female racial activists labeling “being nice” as racist as well, according to another DailyWire report.

If this is the future leftists seek for America, what conditions can we expect to see in our nation years from today?

“Finding” racism where it doesn’t exist is an injustice to those who have experienced racism.

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These overreaching allegations steal attention from the detrimental effects racism had on certain groups over time.

Even worse, radicals like Barringer even go so far as advocating for the death of someone falsely accused of such bigotry.

This behavior isn’t normal for anyone of any political ideology. Period.

Barringer’s violent, hateful rhetoric is only a snippet of what the most radicalized segment of the liberal left has become and the backlash against her allegations forced her to lock her account shortly after.

It’s safe to say those criticizing others of “hate” are just as guilty of the offense themselves.

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