Ex-NYPD Officer Shares What Happened When He Asked Criminal About Gun Laws


What happens when new gun control laws are passed?

Liberals — especially a new wave of activists who are too young to vote — are convinced that firearm crime and murder would be magically wiped out, if only their sweeping restrictions were implemented.

Conservatives and people who understand reality know that the world isn’t that simple. One former NYPD cop knows quite a lot about the mean streets and real-life violence … and he just hit opponents of the Second Amendment with the cold, hard truth.

“When I was an NYPD police officer in the 90s I asked a recently arrested twenty-something man, while I was working in the cells, how he felt about gun laws,” the former cop and agent recalled on Twitter.

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“He laughed and said ‘we love em because we know you won’t have a gun,'” Bongino explained about the criminal’s reaction.

Dan Bongino is no stranger to criminal justice. He was a New York City police officer for four years, before becoming a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service and protecting two American presidents.

It’s a very revealing story that confirms in two sentences what decades of crime statistics also show.

Here’s the reality: Criminals don’t respect gun laws, but know that law-abiding citizens become much easier prey when they are unarmed victims.

Do you think more restrictive gun laws do anything to stop crime?

Let’s use New York City as an example, since that’s where Bongino carried a badge.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is one of the most well-known leftist groups that is essentially a gun control advocacy organization. It issues “state scorecards” that rank U.S. states based on their gun control laws.

According to the Brady ratings, New York is in the top five “best” states for gun laws — remember, this is an anti-gun group, so locations with the most strict gun laws are ranked higher.

This should mean that the Empire State is a leftist paradise of safety and low crime. Is it?

No. Actually, New York City is the fourth most dangerous place in America when it comes to murders, according to USA Today.

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Say it ain’t so! One of the locations with the “best” liberal gun control is also near the top of the list for murders — who could have guessed?

It looks like the convict who answered Bongino was right: Criminals don’t actually care about gun control laws.

It doesn’t stop there. In fact, nearly all of the cities with the worst murder rates are in anti-gun states held up by the Brady Campaign as the “best.”

Chicago, Baltimore, New York and Los Angeles are some of the most deadly cities in the country. You guessed it: Illinois, Maryland, New York and California are all on the Brady “ten best” list for having the strictest gun control laws in America.

Liberals seem to be in complete denial about crime and self defense.

Criminals know what the left refuses to admit: Oppressive gun control laws stop law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, while letting outlaws and gang members run rampant.

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