Facebook, Google in Trouble as Americans Begin to Turn on Them


A majority of Americans want the government to regulate the tech industry, according to a survey published Wednesday by Axios, while also worrying that it won’t sufficiently clamp down.

The new poll shows a considerable change in people’s impression of big tech companies when comparing to previous ones.

For example, 55 percent of respondents said they are concerned government will not go far enough in reigning in big tech through regulations, reported Axios.

That is a 15 percent increase from early November.

Republicans are typically far less inclined to express a desire for federal oversight, but still have become more distrustful, as respondents showing wariness of big tech shot up to 45 percent from 31 just a few months prior.

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Democrats — not usually too averse to further regulations — have increased their skepticism of big tech by 14 percent as well, with 64 percent saying they are worried government won’t step into that part of the private sector.

Also, when asked if social media is a boon for democracy and its ultimate advancement, 55 percent of Americans believe it is not, and can actually hurt free speech.

Axios tweeted a graph with its findings.
Do you think social media can hurt free speech?

The Axios poll is stark due to the substantial shift in people’s judgment of Silicon Valley, which includes some of the country’s most powerful and successful firms, especially in such a relatively short period of time.

It’s not surprising as there has been a palpable mindset movement in the U.S.

For the first time in a long time, there’s bipartisanship on a societal situation, a newfound hatred of Silicon Valley cutting across ideological lines.

Both Democrats and Republicans, and liberals and conservatives, are voicing their consternation (sometimes hate) for companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook — albeit for sometimes different reasons.

It’s not just based on political party or way of thinking.

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Multiple entities and industries, like federal tax collectors, and particularly media, argue that companies like Google and Facebook aren’t contributing their fair share.

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