Fact Check: Biden Says Wages Have Gone Up, But His Own Media Allies Say the Opposite Is True - Video


The honeymoon phase for Joe Biden’s presidency is over amid the multiple crises he has inflamed with his destructive policies.

Even the fawning establishment media, which routinely downplay or ignore this administration’s epic failures, are calling out Biden on some of his lies — including a false claim that wages are keeping up with raging inflation.

The career politician spouted the falsehood on Tuesday while speaking at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

After a reporter pressed Biden on the rising cost of everything, he claimed that things are better today economically than they were a year ago.

“Rents are up. The cost of everyday items are up,” the reporter said to him. “Inflation in the U.S. is at a 13-year high. So when specifically should Americans expect those prices to come down?”

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Biden replied, “Things are a hell of a lot better, and the wages have gone up higher, faster than inflation.”

After pushing this farcical propaganda, Biden was fact-checked by numerous Americans, including even some left-wing media outlets.

Do you think wages have kept up with inflation under Biden?

MSNBC analyst Steve Rattner, a Democrat who worked in the Obama administration, said wages are decreasing when you factor in the inflation that has metastasized under Biden.

“I’ll show you the answer in chart No. 3, which is, in fact, American’s lives aren’t better necessarily,” he said Wednesday.

“Because when you look on the left here, this is, this shows what happens to real wages, wages after adjustment for inflation. And you can see the dotted line is the trend line.”

Rattner, a New York investment manager, explained how Americans are losing purchasing power under Biden.

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“Real wages after inflation actually jumped up during the pandemic, mostly because prices went down,” he said. “But what’s happened since then — this is inflation — and this is what the American people are really unhappy about.

“Inflation for the first time in a long time is polling No. 1, broadly speaking, across the nation as the issue. And so you can see, in fact, that pink area shows you the gap between the trend line — where wages were supposed to be going — and where real wages after adjustment for inflation are actually going.”

Rattner added, “For all you read about wage increases — Amazon and this and so on — Americans’ wages are actually going down at the moment in real terms after inflation.”

Biden was also fact-checked by PolitiFact, a “fact-checking” site that has been slammed for its left-wing bias.

On Tuesday, PolitiFact rated Biden’s claim as “mostly false.”

You can fact-check Biden’s lie yourself by assessing whether your wages (or the wages of people you know) have gone up proportionately to the soaring costs of gas, groceries, utilities and everything else during the past year.

Similarly, a backlash from other Democrats has been quietly building since Biden was installed as president.

A major rebuke of both the Biden presidency and the Democratic Party’s agenda was Republican Glenn Youngkin’s upset victory over Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe this week.

In so doing, Youngkin became the first Republican to win a statewide election in blue state Virginia since 2009.

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii called McAuliffe’s loss “a victory for all Americans” and “a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders.”

Gabbard’s tweet was a reference to the rabid efforts of McAuliffe and other progressives to institutionalize racial “equity” and critical race theory into every aspect of American lives, especially public schools.

Biden’s poll numbers are tumbling as the nation buckles under the weight of his incompetence. So whether or not he gets fact-checked on his numerous misstatements, an alarming picture of the dystopian America he has created is becoming increasingly apparent.

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