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Fans of 'House Hunters' Will Find These Tweets Hilarious


There’s something so addicting, so cathartic about watching other people make one of the biggest purchases of their lives in less than an hour. You get a peek into another person’s life, their choices and their goals, and see how those match up with reality.

Plus, there’s the opportunity to see a total wreck of a house come together with just the right touches in the hands of the professionals, and we’ve probably all wished at one point or another that we could be the recipients of such talent.

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. People can be unreasonable and have the propensity to make poor or at least surprising choices, and that’s illustrated on a grand scale with shows such as HGTV’sHouse Hunters.”

The show has a way of appealing to a variety of adults, whether homeowners or not. And there are plenty of tweets out there that prove just how invested in the house-buying drama some viewers get.

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“I catch a whole attitude when the couples on house hunters choose the wrong house aka the house I did not become invested in with them,” wrote one viewer.

And then there’s the eternal mismatch familiar to every person ever who’s met a salesperson. You ask for something specific within a certain budget, and you get … a mixed bag, as noted by another viewer.

“House Hunters real estate agents be like ‘I know this house isn’t in the location you wanted, doesn’t have enough bedrooms, is 400k over budget and is the polar opposite of what you asked for but it has the granite counter tops you said you wanted so I think it’s worth a look.'”

The show has the unique power to bring couples together or tear them apart, as illustrated in a tweet by Mya Trager.

“Me: Why are you so stressed??”


But that power is not limited to viewers, as the couples who participate in the show themselves are often a little distant.

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“Just finished 1,772 episodes of House Hunters and did not see a single couple that genuinely loved each other,” said another viewer.

But even the individual is changed for life after lounging in the clutch of the show. Once you know what things to start looking for, you can’t unsee them.

“House Hunters has poisoned me,” Pete Hailey admitted. “Every walk I take now I just analyze every house. ‘Is that strictly a one car garage or is there room for some storage too?’ ‘Not much curb appeal on that one.’ ‘Love that patio, shame it isn’t a wraparound though.’ Can’t help it.”

Can you relate to any of these viewers?

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