Fauci Caught Ignoring His Own Advice, Ditches Mask and Social Distancing To Watch Baseball


Over the past several months, Dr. Anthony Fauci has become the public face of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the go-to expert for politicians and members of the establishment media seeking advice on how to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Besides his advocacy on behalf of a national shutdown, no advice has had more impact on everyday life than his suggestion that every American should wear a mask in public.

So naturally, it would make sense for Fauci to follow his own advice. His appearance Thursday at the Washington Nationals’ season opener, where he totally missed when he threw out the first pitch, raised questions about his sincerity regarding the effectiveness of masks when it comes to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Fauci probably thought his embarrassing first pitch would have been the part of his appearance at the game that caused the most headlines.

However, his decision to briefly watch baseball without wearing a mask while sitting in close proximity to his wife and a close friend at the empty stadium might go down as the most newsworthy part of the evening.

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Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long before social media was awash with criticism of Fauci’s hypocrisy. Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson took to Twitter to proclaim that Fauci was “showing us all he knows exactly how well masks work.”

Mediaite’s John Ziegler also had a lot to say about Fauci’s unwillingness to follow his own advice. His frank criticism of the epidemiologist concluded with the hashtag #FauciTheFraud.

Has Dr. Fauci undercut his credibility by not always following his own advice on masks?

When pressed by Fox News’ John Roberts for “not wearing a mask” and not “social distancing,” Fauci complained about the “mischievous” criticism he has received before asserting that “I was totally dehydrated and I was drinking water, trying to rehydrate myself.”

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Fauci concluded: “I wear a mask all of the time when I’m outside. To pull it down to take some sips of water and to put it back up again, I guess if people want to make something about that they can. But to me I think that’s just mischievous.”

Fauci is hardly the first member of the ruling class to play by a different set of rules when it comes to wearing masks. As he pondered a statewide mask mandate earlier this year, Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam was photographed mingling with the crowd in Virginia Beach without wearing a mask.

The fact that liberal leaders would completely ignore the rules they expect everyone else to abide by should not come as a surprise. As they forced Americans to avoid all “non-essential” activities during the coronavirus lockdowns, left-wing politicians exempted themselves from their draconian mandates.

For an example of this unsettling phenomenon, look no further than Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who got  her hair cut even though she banned everyone else in her city from doing so.

The virus of hypocrisy that has accompanied COVID-19 is not unique to Chicago. In May, New Mexico Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered a jewelry store she deemed “non-essential” to “open temporarily so she could purchase a piece of apparently essential jewelry.”

All of these double standards could have the unfortunate effect of making the American public take the “experts” less seriously the next time the nation faces a crisis. Then again, considering how wrong the “experts” have been, maybe that’s not a bad thing.

If the medical establishment, the political establishment and the establishment media want everyone else to inconvenience themselves by wearing a mask every time they go outside, the least they could do is lead by example.

For the elites, it looks as if that might be a bridge too far.

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Ryan holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Rhode Island College. In addition to participating in the National Journalism Center’s internship program, he has written for several conservative publications.
Ryan holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Rhode Island College. In addition to participating in the National Journalism Center’s internship program, he has written for several conservative publications.