FBI Looking More Like Dating Service as 2 More Anti-Trump Lovebirds Surface


Is the Federal Bureau of Investigation a serious agency full of professionals, or a middle school full of hormonal teenagers texting smiley faces to each other while playing favorites?

It’s becoming hard to tell the difference after additional text messages from agents within the FBI have come to light.

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey has insisted that the bureau was nonpartisan and professional during his tenure, but the unveiled messages paint a much more juvenile picture.

The American public has already seen pages of unprofessional and anti-Trump text messages from agent Peter Strzok and now-former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who were in a romantic relationship.

Despite Strzok’s duty to deal evenhandedly with two competing presidential candidates, he repeatedly expressed his interest in stopping Donald Trump, and left little doubt that he was biased toward Hillary Clinton.

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But it appears Strzok and Page weren’t the only two FBI officials playing the dating game. Two others were cited in the Justice Department’s inspector general’s report about the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Like Strzok and Page, the two were dating and exchanging revealing text messages on their government-issued phones.

According to Fox News, those text messages included sending “sick face” emojis when referring to Trump and the American people.

“Aside from the frequent texting between Strzok, an FBI agent, and Page, a bureau lawyer assigned to the Office of General Counsel, two others labeled ‘Agent 1’ and ‘Agent 5’ on Comey’s team were in a personal relationship that predated Operation Midyear, the FBI name for the investigation,” Fox reported.

“According to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report, on page 411, Agents 1 and 5 also were consumed with texting — even using ‘sick face’ emoticons when sharing their disgust for then-candidate Donald Trump and his supporters,” the news outlet continued.

Do you think the FBI has deep problems with bias and professionalism?

As with Strzok and Page, these were not just random FBI employees. At least one of the two included in the OIG report was assigned to interview Hillary Clinton as part of the email server investigation — yet they had an obvious political bias in her favor.

“I’m done interviewing the President — then type the 302.  18 hour day,” Agent 1 messaged another FBI official in July of 2016.

“You interviewed the president?” the second person texted back.

“You know — HRC,” Agent 1 responded, using shorthand for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Future pres” … “Trump can’t win” … “demographics dont line up.”… “America has changed,” were among the biased phrases the FBI agent assigned to conduct an unbiased investigation into Clinton’s email used during the exchange.

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In other text messages between each other, Agent 1 and Agent 5 used their bureau-issued phones to bash Donald Trump and most of the American citizenry.

Here is the message exchange from Oct. 28, 2016:

13:46:48, Agent 5: “jesus christ… Trump: Glad FBI is fixing ‘horrible mistake’ on clinton emails… for f—‘s sake.”

13:47:27, Agent 5: “the f—‘s sake part was me, the rest was Trump.”

13:49:07, Agent 1: “Not sure if Trump or the fifth floor is worse…”

13:49:22, Agent 5: “I’m so sick of both…”

13:50:25, Agent 5: “+o( TRUMP”207

13:50:30, Agent 5: “+o( Fifth floor”

13:50:34, Agent 5: “+o( FBI”

13:50:44, Agent 5: “+o( Average American public”

The “+0(” code is the “sick face” emoticon, frequently used in online messaging to express disgust.

Think about this for a moment: Not only are FBI employees, ostensibly public servants, expressing sick disgust at Donald Trump, but they’re also saying the same thing about the “average American public” — the same public they are supposed to serve.

As the FBI scandals continue to unravel, it looks like President Trump is increasingly vindicated.

If these were the kind of juvenile and biased activities that were commonplace at the bureau, Trump was right to show James Comey the door… and the federal employees who work for the American people have some serious explaining to do.

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