Fed Up Border Agents Blast Biden, Conducting Record-Low Patrols Due to Mountain of Paperwork


Border Patrol agents are demoralized, overwhelmed and physically and emotionally drained because of the border apocalypse President Joe Biden has inflamed with his reckless policies.

Five current agents and three former senior officials told the Washington Examiner that on top of not being allowed to properly do their jobs, agents are being buried under mountains of mind-numbing paperwork to further hinder their efforts to apprehend illegal immigrants.

Jon Anfinsen, the president of the National Border Patrol Council’s Del Rio chapter, affirmed that “morale is in the toilet” because agents have been marginalized into becoming paper-pushing desk jockeys and babysitters for caravans of illegal aliens being housed at migrant holding centers.

“Morale is low because agents aren’t allowed to do their job — if our job is to be out patrolling the border in between the ports of entry and actively searching for people who have crossed illegally,” he said. “But we’re not allowed to go do that job, it basically creates this defeated feeling in everyone.”

Anfinsen said agents are walking zombies because they’re being forced to allow armies of unvetted illegal immigrants to roam free across the country.

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“Everyone shows up to work sort of downtrodden, almost dead inside, for lack of a better term,” he said. “They’re not allowed to [do] the job, and they know that people are getting away every single day, every hour.”

Shockingly, a skeleton crew is reportedly patrolling the border amid a 21-year high for illegal crossings.

Just 12 Border Patrol agents are patrolling the 245-mile stretch of the southern border near Del Rio, Texas, according to Thomas Feeley, a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official.

“This is really by design by the Biden administration,” Feeley told Fox & Friends on Monday.

While Biden browbeats Americans to get vaccinated, wear masks and social-distance, his administration apparently doesn’t care that it’s endangering agents by taking them out of the field and stationing them inside squalid, overcrowded detention facilities.

Last month, federal whistleblowers accused the Department of Health and Human Services of ordering them to cover up a mass COVID-19 outbreak affecting “hundreds of children” at a migrant center in Fort Bliss, Texas.

“COVID was widespread among children and eventually spread to many employees,” according to the bombshell whistleblower complaint.

“Hundreds of children contracted COVID in the overcrowded conditions. Adequate masks were not consistently provided to children, nor was their use consistently enforced.”

As a result of the viral outbreak among illegal immigrants, more than 10,000 Customs and Border Protection employees have tested positive for the coronavirus during the past 18 months, according to the Examiner. Thirty-seven of them died after getting infected.

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“This is not being treated like a medical emergency,” a former Border Patrol agent told the Examiner. “These guys feel abandoned by CBP and [the Department of Homeland Security] and the [Biden] administration. Nobody’s coming to rescue them.”

Sixty percent of known illegal crossings occur in the border states of Texas and New Mexico. However, the Biden administration recently pulled half of the agents in Texas from the field and tasked them with processing the hordes of migrants who are currently in custody, the Examiner reported.

Once they get processed, the illegal immigrants are reportedly being released across the country after being assigned a court date years down the line. If history is any indicator, most of them will never show up to their immigration proceedings.

Essentially, former agents noted, the Biden administration is leaving the border unsecured in favor of forcing Border Patrol agents to expedite their paperwork to allow for the mass-release of illegal aliens.

“Agents are primarily indoors, processing, and we’re dealing with the people who are flagging us down — the ones who are walking up to us and turning themselves in,” Anfinsen explained.

“Meanwhile, the immigrants who don’t want anything to do with us, they’re running away, although sometimes they’re walking because they have no need to run because we’re not there.”

One frustrated Border Patrol agent said his job description has essentially changed overnight, resulting in a mass exodus of employees who are fed-up at not being supported by the White House.

Is Biden intentionally allowing his border crisis to fester?

“The mission is no longer Deter, Detect, Detain. It is wait until they have all crossed, Uber them to the station and process,” the agent told the Examiner. “Morale is below the Mason/Dixon line. We need more agents on the line (not at hospital or processing).”

By now, millions of Americans believe the Biden border crisis is not an accident. If anything, many insist that flooding the United States with armies of illegal immigrants is a strategic plan.

Fox Nation host Lara Logan, a former CBS News reporter, said just like Biden’s Afghanistan disaster, his border crisis is intentional.

“They don’t tell you the national security threat posed by letting the cartels come across the southern border, do they?” Logan told Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week.

“Whoever is in power right now, whoever is really pulling the strings — and I don’t know that 00 they could do anything they want to change this. And they’re not,” Logan underscored. “The United States government could change this even today. And they don’t do it.”

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