Feinstein Rips FBI Report She Hasn't Finished for Leaving Out Key Info


“We have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what is in it.”

That, of course, was Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi when the left was trying to ram Obamacare down America’s throat.

“We have to block Kavanaugh, without even reading the FBI’s report.”

Okay, Sen. Dianne Feinstein didn’t actually say that, but she came pretty close. Taking a cue from her fellow Democrat’s famous obstinance, the California liberal just attacked the new FBI report on Judge Brett Kavanaugh without even bothering to read the whole thing.

Kavanaugh, of course, is facing serious but unproven allegations of sexual assault from almost 40 years ago. Senators including Feinstein and Republican Jeff Flake called for a new FBI investigation into the claims, which the bureau quickly carried out after President Trump authorized it.

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But now Feinstein is whining about the very report she asked for.

“The most notable part of this report is what’s not in it,” the liberal senator complained, according to The Daily Wire.

Feinstein seemed frustrated that the FBI summary seemed incomplete, which apparently means that it didn’t find the smoking gun evidence she desperately wanted.

In the next breath, however, the same senator acknowledged that she hadn’t even finished reading the investigative report.

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“I had the opportunity to read some, but not all of it,” she admitted.

Oh. Alright, then.

Welcome to the latest delaying tactic from the left: Demand a new FBI report after they have already conducted numerous background checks on Kavanaugh which turned up nothing, then whine about it being “incomplete,” then admit you didn’t actually read the whole thing.

It seems all but confirmed that demanding this report was never about the truth. Feinstein and others like her didn’t actually care what the FBI said, they were going to oppose Kavanaugh no matter what.

Other senators, however, had very different reactions to the latest FBI report.

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“It appears to be a very thorough investigation,” said Susan Collins, a senator from Maine. She is one of several “swing votes” who had expressed hesitation in voting to confirm Kavanaugh, but indicated that they would be more receptive if the FBI showed once again that he was clean.

Washington, D.C. journalists including CNN’s Manu Raju indicated that Sen. Flake, another fence-sitter, also seemed satisfied by the report.

“With Collins and Flake both satisfied with the investigation, it’s hard to see them voting against the nomination since that would be an obvious red flag to raise right now. Kavanaugh appears, at the moment, headed to the Supreme Court,” he reported.

We’ll know for certain only when the final Senate vote occurs, but for now, it definitely seems like Feinstein and the rest of the left’s delaying tactics have finally run out of steam.

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