File Found on Epstein Hard Drive Reveals the True Extent of His Relationship with Maxwell


The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, continues in Manhattan. She is accused of procuring underage women to satisfy the sexual appetite of her boyfriend/benefactor Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell faces 35 years behind bars if she is found guilty.

A 2019 raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s luxurious townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan turned up some fascinating information about the closeness of the relationship between him and Ghislaine Maxwell, according to a report in the New York Post.

The report noted photographs of plastic bins and dresser drawers full of hard drives and other electronic materials were taken from the residence.

Testifying at the Maxwell trial on Tuesday, FBI digital forensic examiner Stephen Flatley revealed that a file found on one of the hard drives had been “created (on a desktop) by someone logged in as the user ‘GMax’ on Oct. 14, 2002.”

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The report provides no confirmation that Ghislaine Maxwell was the actual author of this file.

A note in the file read, “Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together as a couple for the last 11 years. They are, contrary to what people think, rarely apart, I almost always see them together.”

The document describes Maxwell as “highly intelligent and great company with a ready smile and an infectious laugh.”

The report added, “Jeffrey and Ghislaine share many mutual interests and they have a lot of fun together.”

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It goes on to say that Epstein and Maxwell “compliment each other really well,” and were said to be “thick as thieves … On top of being partner’s [sic] they are also best of friends.”

In another recovered file, there was a “’help wanted’ flyer for masseuses in Palm Beach, Florida, that advertised ‘excellent pay.’”

FBI analyst Kimberly Meder also testified on Tuesday. Meder told the court she had gone through a “cache of photos found during the raid.” Among them was a photo of Maxwell, clad “in a skimpy top, rubbing his feet aboard a plane.”

The prosecution hopes its portrayal of Epstein and Maxwell as extremely close will make the jury believe she would go to any lengths to keep her man happy.

This strategy isn’t crazy. Maxwell had spent the first 30 years of her life in the lap of luxury. Her whole world came crashing down after her father’s mysterious death in November 1991. Robert Maxwell — facing financial ruin — either jumped, fell or was pushed off of his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, off the Canary Islands.

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Until reportedly hooking up with billionaire Epstein the following year, Maxwell found herself in the financial wilderness, a place she, no doubt, did not wish to return to.

Up until Wednesday, there had been an account on Twitter to track the trial. That account has been blocked.

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