We Finally Know Who Uvalde Police Chief Was Calling During Shooting, And It Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach


Law enforcement officers failed the people of Uvalde, Texas, on May 24.

That much we know for certain.

It was on that day that a school shooter opened fire in a classroom at Robb Elementary School, killing 21, most of whom were children.

A newly released report from Sunday gives us a better idea of how deep this failure runs.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, rather than send in the dozens of officers who were on standby into classrooms 111 and 112, Robb Elementary School Police Chief Peter Arredondo chose to negotiate with the gunman, begging him to come out.

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CNN released exclusive body footage from the law enforcement response.

The footage shows Arrondado on the phone as he pleads for the shooter to give up.

Did law enforcement officers bungle the response to this shooting?

“Let me know if there’s any kids in there or anything,” Arredondo said, according to the Daily Mail. “This could be peaceful.”

The gunman refused to respond, but Arredondo kept trying to communicate.

“Can you tell me your name, anything that can help, please?” the police chief said, yet again to no answer.

In the CNN footage, Arredondo can be heard begging the shooter to put down his weapons.

Upon learning that there may be children in the room, the police still failed to take action.

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The officers present, including Arredondo, then heard a series of gunshots.

Despite this, they can be seen holding their positions and standing around.

According to CNN, it took another six minutes for officers to breach the room.

This all begs the question — who in their right mind would call an active school shooter, begging him to stop, while dozens of guns poised and ready to take him out were available?

The Uvalde community — and everyone in the U.S. who witnessed these tragic events unfold — deserves answers from Arredondo.

A bad guy with a gun may have killed these kids, but the apparent cowardice on the part of authorities absolutely enabled this slaughter.

Only time will tell if the parties involved will face justice.

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