'The Five' Continues to Not Only Make History but Dominate It - Earns No. 1 Show for Tenth Month Straight


As it turns out, when cable news programs don’t push progressive, woke nonsense on their viewers and, instead, stick to the issues that matter, they tend to be rewarded.

A prime example of that would be Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” which has absolutely scorched any of its closest competitors and has even notched impressive internal victories against the cable news giant’s powerhouse lineup of primetime talent.

Kicking off the new year in winning fashion, Fox News reported that “The Five” averaged an astonishing 3.4 million viewers in January, which means it has been the number one show on cable news television for the 10th consecutive month.

It would be impressive if “The Five” had pulled those numbers in a primetime slot, but making it even more unbelievable is that it’s an afternoon show, which typically would not trounce a network’s primetime programs. Like, ever.

The hit Fox News show is co-hosted by Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld, and Judge Jeanine Pirro. It typically rotates in a fifth co-host with a left-leaning viewpoint to round out the discussion of the day.

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Fox News as a network had plenty to brag about, too. It toppled rivals CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, decisively, for the 23rd consecutive month, and the difference between the numbers that Fox News pulls and what its competitors garner is not even a little close.

The conservative-leaning news network averaged 1.4 million viewers in January, dominating the cable news industry and beating every channel available on basic cable television.

In jaw-dropping contrast, MSNBC managed 703,000 average viewers for January, and CNN, which very much appears to be in dire trouble as far as ratings are concerned, averaged only 524,000 viewers in January. CNN recently hit a nine-year ratings low. Ouch.

The icing on the cake? Fox News reported that its programs accounted “for 99 of the top 100 cable news telecasts of the month.”

Do you find “The Five” entertaining to watch?

If that’s not a referendum on the state of the left-leaning media, I don’t know what is.

Impressive isn’t even a strong enough descriptor for such a feat. But it really shouldn’t come as a surprise because, over the years, Fox News has obviously curated some of the best available talent in the news business, and the top brass clearly knows how to utilize them and keep them happy at Fox.

From Tucker Carlson to Laura Ingraham, Watters, and Gutfeld, the network is packed with intelligent free-thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, sitting presidents, powerful members of Congress, woke narratives, and anything else that doesn’t feel right or needs investigating.

Even Fox News’s morning lineup, which shouldn’t be as competitive as a network’s primetime programming given that the mornings typically focus on hard news, scored an astounding 1.2 million average viewers in January. Again, Fox News dominated MSNBC and CNN in that category.

“The Five FTW 2022,” Perino tweeted in December as the show dominated the ratings to close out the year.

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Former President Donald Trump, who has grown sour with Fox News in recent months, gave a special shout-out to “The Five” but made clear that he can’t stand the panel’s token liberal, Jessica Tarlov.

“I really like The Five on Fox News, especially the hosts, with the exception of wacky Jessica Tarlov, who is absolutely terrible,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post last week.

It’s not just the Fox News hosts that make the network what it is. Without Fox News, and especially correspondents like Peter Doocy and Jacqui Heinrich, can you imagine how much less we would know about what’s happening in the Biden administration? The establishment media never asks the questions that matter.

One has to presume that the shot-callers at MSNBC and CNN realize they’re doing something grossly wrong. Whether or not they act on it and try to shift their respective editorial direction to attract more viewers is anyone’s guess.

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