Lib Rivera Given 1 Simple Question from Gutfeld About AR-15s - He Utterly Fails


A liberal journalist and advocate for gun control was humiliated on national television after demonstrating ignorance of basic knowledge of guns during a debate on gun control.

On Tuesday, liberal commentator Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox News’ “The Five” alongside his conservative colleagues to discuss recent comments made by President Joe Biden that in order to take on the government, “You need some F-15s, you don’t need an AR-15.”

When his turn to speak on the issue came, Rivera then declared that “there is no legitimate reason to have an AR-15.”

But he was completely unprepared for what came next when his co-host Greg Gutfeld asked him what the “AR” in “AR-15” stands for, and Rivera answered that it stands for “automatic rife.”

Gutfeld was quick to respond that “AR” does not, in fact, stand for “automatic rifle.”

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Gutfeld was absolutely right to point this out. “AR” does not stand for “automatic rifle” but rather for “ArmaLite Rifle.” However, when called on this blunder later, Rivera pushed it aside and repeated that “AR-15s have no place in American society.”

Yet many Twitter users continued to point out to remind him that “AR” does indeed stand for “ArmaLite Rifle.”

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Rivera, much like fellow liberal Beto O’Rourke, is calling for a ban on one of the most popular guns in the country, and can’t even demonstrate a basic understanding of what an AR-15 is.

This seems to be a common pattern with the left. They talk extensively about subjects like gun control or climate change claiming to be experts on it. But when asked basic questions about the facts of the issues, they demonstrate total ignorance.

Did you know “AR” doesn’t stand for “Automatic Rifle”?

They also are seemingly unaware that states with gun control measures have been unable to stop crime, showing us that these measures don’t actually work.

The point is, if you want to speak about an important political issue, you need to be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of the facts in order to be taken seriously.

Otherwise, like Rivera, you will just become a laughing stock online and no one will take heed to what you have to say.

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