Flashback: Chuck Norris Explains Why He Switched from Democrat to Republican, Rips on Obama


A 2014 video of Chuck Norris explaining his switch in political affiliation has once again garnered attention.

In the interview, the “Walker Texas Ranger” star explained why he decided to change his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican, saying that the Democrats had gone too far to the left.

“I used to be a Democrat, but unfortunately, the Democrats went too far to the left,” Norris said.

Norris demonstrated his point by saying that John F. Kennedy, one of the most iconic Democratic presidents would be a Republican if he were alive today.

“John F. Kennedy, today, would be a Republican, because then, the Democrats were more what the Republicans [are] today,” he said, “and unfortunately, they lost their way.”

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He also blasted Barack Obama, who was president at the time of the interview, for not keeping his promises about transparency that he had made when he ran for president.

“Everything that needed to be done, he did not [fulfill] one promise. It’s sad.”

What Norris said was very true at the time, as under Obama, the Democratic Party started to take a more progressive shift, but it rings even more true when one looks at the Democratic Party in 2023.

Do you agree with Chuck Norris?

The Democrats today bear hardly any resemblance to the Democrats of the Kennedy era. They are even very different than they were only 10 years ago.

At the time that Norris was speaking, the Democrats were pushing for gay marriage, but hardly any one of them would have openly suggested that a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man.

The Democrats were advocating for abortion in 2014, but since then they have gone absolutely crazy on abortion, driving nearly all pro-life Democrats out of the party.

The Democrats once valued free speech as a way to criticize the Republican administration that was pushing for the Iraq War, but now they have gone out of their way to try and silence criticism of the prevailing leftist orthodoxy.

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Anyone who remembers what the Democrats were like even as recently as 10 years ago realizes that they bear no resemblance to Democrats today.

Gone is the Democratic Party of liberal values and freedom, and in its place has come the Democratic Party of socialism, progressivism and collectivism.

Chuck Norris was more right than he knew when he called them out on it.

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