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Flight Attendant's Eye-Catching Performance Has Passengers Roaring with Laughter During Safety Demo


Is a job really worth it if it doesn’t make you smile once in a while?

Michael McAdam has found a way to make others laugh as a flight attendant for Canadian airline WestJet.

McAdam’s “performances” turned him into an internet star back in 2011. His hilariously emotive safety demonstrations have become the subject of various videos and memes shared across social media.

Since then, McAdam has become somewhat of a sensation. His fun take on the standard safety demonstration has turned him into a WestJet celebrity.

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According to the New Zealand Harold, McAdam has been working on his slapstick act for years. A passenger captured a recent performance in a priceless video.

In the video, which was recorded on a flight from Alberta, Canada, to Arizona, McAdam used props like a belt buckle and oxygen mask to entertain his passengers-turned-audience members. However, his extreme facial expressions are what make the act really shine.

McAdam doesn’t merely demonstrate how to use an oxygen mask. He acts out every moment of the scenario, screaming and clutching his neck as he goes red in the face.

Prepare to have your day brightened as you watch the hilarity unfold for yourself:

‘This fella caught my eye as he was just bursting with an energy that seemed absolutely contagious,” a passenger told Daily Mail. “When he started the safety demo we were immediately captivated! I can honestly say that in all of my 61 years, I have never ever seen a flight attendant captivate the passengers like this.”

It’s not often that passengers enjoy a routine safety demonstration so much that they are willing to watch it on repeat, and in a different language. However, McAdam is just that entertaining.

“Everybody actually clapped when he was finished and then something crazy happened, we all watched the French version too!” a passenger said.

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When McAdam isn’t entertaining others on the runway, he’s making others smile as a voice actor and comic book illustrator. His newest comic book-style art piece is fittingly titled “It’s That Funny Flight Attendant.”

It’s heartwarming to know that there’s someone out there ensuring that our flights aren’t only safe and efficient, but entertaining too!

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