Footage Shows Chicago Pro-Palestinians' Sickening Reaction the Minute They Learn of Iran's Assault on Israel


It has become something of a truism that one’s unguarded, or at least spontaneous, reaction to a major disaster or tragedy can shed unwonted light on one’s true character.

Such an example unfolded during a meeting of pro-Palestinian left-wingers on Sunday in Chicago.

According to a report from Olivia Reingold of The Free Press, about 300 “anti-war activists” gathered in the basement of the Teamsters Union headquarters in the Windy City to discuss their plans to disrupt the Democratic National Convention, which will be held at Chicago’s United Center in August.

“Joe Biden’s backing of Israel since Hamas’s October 7 attack has turned these left-wing radicals against their own party,” Reingold noted.

The activists were adorned with black N95 masks and all manner of leftist paraphernalia.

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But more interesting than their attire was their reaction to the news of Iran’s surprise attack on Israel, as seen in a video shared by Fox News.

A man identified by Reingold as Hatem Abudayyeh, leader of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, went to the podium to say, “I just have to support something to everyone. And so it begins, so to speak.”

“Twelve days ago, Israel brazenly hit an Iranian embassy compound in Syria, violating international law again,” he continued, repeating the last phrase for emphasis.

“And Iran has just responded about 30 minutes ago,” Abudayyeh said.

And how did this group of leftists react to news that would chill most people’s blood?

With jubilation, as if they had just been told they were all getting a giant pile of money.

Abudayyeh continued, telling the crowd, “This is from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard directly. They’ve sent drones and missiles against specific targets in occupied Palestine, Israeli targets in occupied Palestine.”

“And they believe that they will be in Palestinian — I don’t call it Israeli airspace — Palestinian airspace right between 2 and 4 a.m.,” he said.

“Which means in about 2 and 4 hours from now. It’s 12 midnight in Palestine right now. In addition, there are reports of drones having been fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq as well.”

And this news — which horrified all reasonable people, considering it came with the latent prospect of World War III — was greeted with thunderous applause and cheering from the radicals in Chicago.

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“We must assume that this is where it now becomes important for all of us to do what is that we are professionals at doing,” Abudayyeh said when the cheering died down.

Could he have been any more vague with that job description? It’s almost as if he admitted he and his fellow “activists” were little more than societal irritants in desperate need of real jobs (or hobbies, at the very least).

Undaunted by his own lack of specificity, he encouraged the occupants of the room in their “work” as advocates, activists and “community organizers” — former President Barack Obama’s storied profession — to be ready to stop the United States’ efforts to, in his words, “quote-unquote defend the criminal Israeli state.”

His fellows booed the U.S. foreign policy, calling the defense of a free country against terrorist attacks a “shame.”

Still, as much as Abudayyeh defended his statements and position as “anti-war,” the reactions of his co-conspirators suggested otherwise.

Would a real anti-war protester cheer the news that one country launched a violent attack on another?

Indeed, Reingold shared another clip in which an organizer with Anti-War Committee Chicago taught participants a Farsi chant that meant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

Clearly, these activists are not anti-war but anti-American and anti-Israel.

The anti-war stance was mere window dressing to attract more leftists to their violent and unhinged movement.

Because, again, no real anti-war activists or pacifists (or at least not one that was internally consistent) would cheer on an attack of this nature.

Nor would they, as the New York Post reported, teach their fellows how to say “death to Israel” as a way to own “Zionist freaks.”

The truth is that anti-Semitism has been bubbling under the surface of mainstream leftism for years.

Are you troubled by the amount of anti-Israel sentiment among young leftists?

Its sources include President Joe Biden’s policies allowing an untold amount of radicals into the country as well as the “anti-colonialism” preached by a higher education system hijacked by the woke left.

The radical beliefs have been there, but the brazenness displayed in this video has been something only surfacing since Oct. 7.

The extremists are no longer hiding their true hatred and lust for violence.

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