Football Player's Vulgar Celebration Costs Team the Game


A 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration may have cost Ole Miss a chance to see victory in their annual Thanksgiving Day Egg Bowl match-up against Mississippi State.

Excessive celebration, however, hardly begins to explain the vulgar taunt that left the Rebels a day late and a dollar short in their fourth quarter effort to knot the game 21 and almost certainly force overtime, according to CBS Sports.

With time winding down in regulation, things were looking up for Ole Miss who, despite trailing for much of the game, came up big on their final drive.

Down 21-14, the Rebels were aided on a 66-yard drive by a number of Bulldog penalties and, broke through on a touchdown reception from sophomore receiver Elijah Moore just four seconds before the wrap.

But an ensuing celebratory taunt from Moore that was described as, among other things, a “total embarrassment” and an “all-time blunder,” would cost his team dearly.

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After barely breaking the plane on a contested two-yard play, Moore would fall on his hands and knees at the back of the end zone, raise one leg and act as though he was urinating like a dog.

An official response followed quickly, with the foolish display drawing flags from two officials.

The resulting unsportsmanlike conduct penalty forced Ole Miss to take their extra point attempt from 35 yards out, and junior Luke Logan’s kick went wide right.

It goes without saying that this foolish stunt went well beyond the pale.

Social media was ablaze within seconds of the celebration, with viewers having a laugh at Moore’s expense, reaming him and, of course, alluding to the fact that he had unquestionably “p—ed the game away.”

But jokes — and angry fans — aside, what ever happened to simple celebrations?

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I don’t know an American sports fan not invigorated by the throwing up of hands or the spiking of the football.

But what on earth is the meaning of getting on the ground and simulating a household pet’s propensity to urinate on a fire hydrant?

Do you think Moore should be punished further for this taunt?

Maybe I’m reading into things a bit too much but, if anything, this bewildering moment goes to show just how pervasive the “Culture of Me” has become in the modern United States.

Everything has taken a turn for the dangerously self-centered.

Everything has become an opportunity for personal spectacle.

Hurting others with our arrogance is no longer on the minds of the American masses.

Detracting from something larger than ourselves is no longer on the minds of the American masses.

We see it in our homes and in our communities and, unfortunately, we see worse still in our athletic and Hollywood “role models” — if you can even call them that anymore.

The Rebels had not once taken the lead throughout the entirety of the game. They were still behind by one point with mere seconds to go when Moore had his little moment.

Still, pride and arrogance got ahead of one young man, and his teammates suffered for it.

Talk about proof positive for the Biblical wisdom, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

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