Former Democrat Who Turned Republican and Called Biden the 'Worst President' Ever Scores Decisive Election Victory


Former Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, who has been very vocal in his criticism of President Joe Biden, beat several other Republican challengers in the congressional primary and won in a landslide.

Van Drew has said that part of his success is due to those who believe, as he does, in “freedom,” “hard work” and obeying “the rule of law,” Fox News reported.

These are not things that Van Drew has associated with the Biden administration.

“Worst president, worst administration in the history of America, in my opinion,” Van Drew said.

“Pretty much everything [the Biden administration] has done… has been so destructive,” he said.

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Van Drew was also endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

“[H]e’s been with me all along, he’s supported me [and] not only did he endorse me, he’s had me at Mar-a-Lago and in New York …” Van Drew said.

Van Drew pointed to Trump’s presidency as a season of good change in the U.S. and said that Trump “actually broke up the swamp, he told the truth about what’s really going on.”

“People want the truth. They want change. They don’t want this dysfunctional America that this administration is creating,” Van Drew added.

Do you think there will be a red wave in November?

Van Drew has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration for a long time now.

In August of 2021, Van Drew was one of the Republicans to introduce a resolution condemning and censuring Biden for “his unacceptable failures regarding the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan,” the Press of Atlantic City reported.

In his criticism of how Biden handled the withdrawal, Van Drew added that Biden was either “cognitively impaired” and/or “purposely harming the country,”Breitbart reported.

Then in January of 2022, as the economy continued to suffer and worsen, Van Drew faulted Biden.

“I don’t think anyone has done more to hurt the country,” Van Drew said in an interview with Fox Business.

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Biden’s approval ratings have continuously fallen throughout his presidency as more Americans are unhappy with how he is handling the nation.

Now, 53.5 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden and only 41 percent approve, according to FiveThirtyEight. 

In the meantime, a majority of Republicans who have been endorsed by Trump, like Van Drew was, have been winning congressional primaries across the country.

This could be signaling the beginning of a shift in Congress. Many have already predicted a “red wave” coming in November’s midterm elections.

“For months, the GOP has predicted a so-called ‘red wave’ in the 2022 midterms,” the New York Post reported. “Taking advantage of an unpopular president, decades-high inflation, record-setting gas prices, and spikes in violent crime and illegal immigration.”

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