Former Drug Czar Admits Walls Work, Will Discourage People Who Are Transporting Drugs


Bush administration drug czar, John Walters, said in a recent interview that it was “ludicrous” to believe that a wall won’t help with drugs in the United States.

“Obviously, a fixed barrier and a control of the border will discourage people from trying to penetrate with drugs,” Walters said on “Fox and Friends.”

“Two hundred people are dying a day of overdoses let alone uncounted thousands being addicted, and people are saying this isn’t a real problem.

“That’s kind of horrifying that our national leaders are just dismissing the massive amounts of death here, and if we don’t change the strategic landscape on the ground, less guard duty, more control and sorting at channeled and controlled ports of entry, we will continue to have unbelievable and historic carnage of death from drugs alone.”

Host Brian Kilmeade clarified Walters’ point by saying that a wall would “funnel people” toward the designated points of entry.

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Should that plan come into play, those wishing to cross the border would be under the watchful eye of law enforcement who can then assess whether those individuals should be allowed in and whether they are carrying anything damaging to citizens, such as drugs.

According to Walters, a big part of the problem is that border patrol is spread too thin to deal with the sheer area that they are being forced to patrol.

Do you think the border wall would help with drugs in the United States?

“We are losing strategically now because we have got too many people on guard duty between the ports of entry and we’re not channeling people into areas that we can sort them and analyze correctly,” Walters said.

“You have to change the strategic situation so you can focus your people and your analysis at a controlled area of the port of entry to sort the bad things — the drugs, the crime — from the good things that we want to have as trade and exchanges.”

“Right now we have thousands and thousands of people on guard duty between the ports of entry because we don’t have fixed barriers. We will know this works when people don’t try. The whole point is to get a situation where you have deterrence.”

The issue of illegal drugs entering the United States through Mexico has become increasingly deadly in the United States.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted the 2018 drug seizure and criminal arrest statistics from the Mexican border that were included in the White House’s Border Briefing.

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President Trump’s demand for funding the wall is one of the main issues that triggered a partial shutdown of the federal government that, as of Thursday, is in its 20th day.

Trump has requested over $5 billion to begin construction on that wall. Most Democrats in Congress, however, are unwilling to pass a bill that granted those funds.

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