Watch as Fox Caravan Reporter Stumbles Onto Attempted Murderer on Camera


The caravan of migrants intent on crossing through Mexico and entering the United States is moving ever closer to its goal … but there are increasing signs that not everything is as presented by the establishment media.

Ever since the mass of people — nearly 10,000 according to some estimates — began traveling out of Honduras, liberals have insisted that it’s America’s duty to accept them with almost no questions asked.

Considering that a high number of the migrants do not have passports or verifiable identification, questions have been raised about this plan, including by the president himself.

Of course, anybody who has dared ask how smart it is to bring a horde of unvetted people over the border has been labelled a racist or a heartless bigot.

An eye-opening video from Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins may silence those critics. On Sunday, Jenkins shared a man-on-the-street interview he did with one of the thousands of migrants who are currently in Tapanatepec, Mexico.

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“Are you willing to break the law to get back to the United States?” Jenkins asked a man named Jose, with the help of a Spanish interpreter.

To the reporter’s surprise, the man admitted that he had a major felony.

Should this caravan be stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border?

“I want to enter and ask for a pardon,” the migrant answered in Spanish. The translator confirmed the statement. “He says he wants to apply for a pardon for the felony he committed.”

“What is your felony, exactly?” the translator asked.

“Number three,” Jose answered in English. “A third degree felony,” the translator confirmed.

“Intento de matar,” the migrant continued. Translation: “Attempt of murder.”

It’s worth pointing out that this was just one of thousands of people, many with unknown backgrounds, in the massive caravan. If he was willing to talk to a reporter and admit on video that he had a felony for attempted murder, how many other criminals were in the same crowd but avoiding the cameras?

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This is the glaring problem with opening the border to the caravan: It’s the perfect cover for less-than-noble people who want to use the crowd as a tactic to enter the United States unvetted.

Jose was at least upfront about his criminal background to one reporter. What about the people who are not so honest?

To be sure, there are also good people in the caravan. Most probably are genuinely looking to escape hardship and have a better life — but without being able to separate the bad apples from the rest, there are serious problems.

The entire point of a controlled border is to have at least some idea of who is entering the country and to know about their backgrounds.

If we toss that basic protection aside, all bets are off. There is no country without borders, and the United States has enough problems without ushering in attempted murderers to placate the left.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.