Fox News Hosts Gets Biden Surrogate To Make Shock Admission About Hunter Biden Email Scandal

A surrogate for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden admitted to Fox News on Sunday that the Biden campaign cannot dispute the legitimacy of documents that purport to link Biden to a massive corruption scandal.

As the country’s most powerful institutions have banded together to ignore, discredit or outright censor reports linking Biden to his son’s foreign business dealings, the campaign has notably not commented on the authenticity of files obtained by the New York Post, Fox News and other outlets.

Although Biden did refer to the scandal that connects him and his son Hunter Biden to shady deals in Ukraine and China as a “smear campaign” over the weekend, he did not comment directly on files apparently unearthed from a computer that once belonged to his son.

In fact, in the five days since the country first learned of Biden’s reported connection to his son’s overseas business activities, only social media giants Twitter and Facebook, Democrats and the establishment media have challenged the authenticity of those documents.

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Twitter told us the files the Post shared in its bombshell report were potentially “unsafe” for us.

The establishment media on TV from Wednesday to Thursday spent less than ten minutes collectively talking about the scandal.

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But on Sunday, Biden surrogate Jenna Arnold essentially told Fox News host Leland Vittert that nobody knows the answer to the question of if the files which came from Hunter Biden’s hard drive, as is reported by the Post and now Fox News, indeed belonged to the younger Biden.

On “America’s News HQ” Sunday, Vittert said, “What’s interesting is I feel like you still have not answered the fundamental question, which is, ‘Can anyone say that these emails are inauthentic?’

“And so far, I haven’t heard anybody say that,” the host said.

Arnold then dropped a bombshell in her own right.

“Yeah, I think that’s fair. I don’t think anybody is saying they are inauthentic or not,” the Biden surrogate said.

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So, Twitter unilaterally decided to finally enforce its own online privacy rules in order to block out a huge report that might hurt the Democrats’ candidate for the White House.

First, Twitter told us that the files were damaging because they violated the company’s rules regarding sharing hacked materials.

But the files weren’t hacked according to every account of how they were obtained.

They were reportedly abandoned by Biden’s adult son and became the property of the Delaware man he asked to fix his computer after he failed to return within 90 days to pick it up.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey then said his company’s all-out censorship campaign was about protecting emails and other confidential information.

The CEO said that blocking the report, which was of great importance to the public, was “unacceptable.”

Despite that explanation, Twitter has never engaged in such a campaign of censorship to protect the information of conservatives who have been doxxed.

Hollywood has-been actor Tom Arnold tweeted out the personal phone number of White House adviser Hope Hicks after she tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month.

Arnold apparently voluntarily deleted the tweet containing the personal number of an adviser to President Donald Trump, the Washington Times reported.

He did share a story from Fox News apparently bragging about his actions.

Arnold is still on Twitter right now harassing polite society, and was apparently never suspended.

But White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump campaign and numerous other accounts were suspended by Twitter last week for having the audacity to share a story on the platform from the Post — one of the country’s largest newspapers — and there is still no valid reason as to why.

Twitter engaged in blatant censorship by selectively enforcing its rules in an unprecedented way.

Facebook suppressed circulation of the Post’s reporting, citing the need for third-party fact-checker authentication of the reporting.

The Big Tech giants told us they were looking out for us by trying to shut down an uncorroborated story that might be “unsafe” for us.

It appears more and more that they were simply afraid the bombshell reporting, which connected Biden to his son’s overseas paydays, would be unsafe toward the Biden campaign.

Big Tech and the media certainly didn’t synch up with the Biden campaign before it crossed a censorship line which it can never come back from.

If you ask the Biden campaign, or specifically, Biden surrogate Jenna Arnold, which Vittert did, even those closest to Hunter Biden can’t dispute the validity of the Post’s reporting.

If what Arnold told Fox is true, there was and is no valid reason why the Post’s reporting elicited such a universal campaign to censor and smear the story.

Arnold is either the most inept and unprepared campaign surrogate in the history of presidential politics, or she’s telling the truth, which is that the campaign is in no position to dispute what is on the reported Hunter Biden hard drive.

It appears Big Tech and the media pre-emptively acted alone to protect Biden, while Biden’s campaign couldn’t even throw Silicon Valley a lifeline.

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Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as a reporter, an editor and a producer in radio, television and digital media. He is a proud husband and father.
Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as an editor and producer in radio and television. He is a proud husband and father.