Fox News' Levin: Mueller Probe Reveals Feds Greatest Wrongdoers in 2016 Election


Fox News personality Mark Levin argued Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has had the unintended consequence of revealing that officials within the Obama administration were the primary source of wrongdoing during the 2016 presidential campaign.

FNC’s Sean Hannity began a segment with Levin noting the one-year anniversary of the Russia investigation and saying it is time for it to end.

Levin responded, “The Mueller investigation, oddly enough, has revealed that the greatest perpetrator against the American people was the federal government.”

The former chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese during the Reagan administration predicted President Donald Trump will not be indicted, and if he is, the chief executive will take his case to the Supreme Court and win.

Levin has pointed out on multiple occasions over the last several months that the Justice Department determined during both the Nixon and Clinton administrations that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted.

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If the DOJ truly believed Trump was guilty of wrongdoing (which Levin was not arguing he was), its proper course of action would be to refer the matter to Congress for impeachment proceedings.

Levin contended that the people who truly need to be held accountable for misconduct during the 2016 race are former President Barack Obama, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“We cannot allow this to happen again. We saw our federal government used by the prior administration — by the head of the CIA, by the head of the FBI, by the head of national intelligence and many, many others — used to try and destroy the candidacy of an opposition candidate in another party,” he said.

Do you think Obama administration officials need be criminally investigated for their actions during the 2016 campaign?

Levin stated that the actions of the Obama administration against Trump are unprecedented in American history.

“The Obama administration spied,” the conservative commentator said. “He’s to be held responsible and his surrogates need to be held responsible.”

“We have actual spies, one or more, spying on the Trump campaign,” Levin stated. “What the h— is this? The Soviet Union? Venezuela? It’s the United States of America!”

He recommended that Trump pick a U.S. attorney he trusts to investigate the conduct of the Obama administration, specifically looking at the actions of Brennan, Comey and Clapper.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberly Strassel and The Washington Post both reported last week that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devon Nunes has subpoenaed the Justice Department for background materials about an FBI informant positioned close to the Trump campaign.

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“This would amount to spying, and it is hugely disconcerting,” wrote Strassel. “It would also be a major escalation from the electronic surveillance we already knew about, which was bad enough.”

She called out The New York Times earlier this week for trying to downplay the significance of the discovery.

Clapper told CNN on Thursday that the FBI “may have had someone who was talking to them in the campaign,” and if the agency did, it was a “good thing.”

Like the The Times, Clapper downplayed the revelation, saying the source would have been trying to find out “what the Russians were doing to try to substantiate themselves in the campaign or influence or leverage it.”

“So, if there was someone that was observing that sort of thing, that’s a good thing,” he said.

On Friday, Trump tweeted about the reported spying by the Obama administration on his campaign.

“Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president,” he wrote.

The president continued, “It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a ‘hot’ Fake News story. If true – all time biggest political scandal!”

Levin told Hannity: “We need to fix this! We cannot have another election where the federal government, our United States government, is interfering with an election!”

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