Watch: Fox News Reporter Appears To 'Foil' Group's Attempt To Illegally Cross Border


Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was at the southern border of the United States when what appeared to be a raft of would-be illegal immigrants tried to cross the border.

Jenkens was in the city of McAllen, Texas, earlier this week, reporting on the border when he decided to go down to the Rio Grande river, which divides Texas and Mexico, to see if he could sight any crossings.

Footage shared by “Fox and Friends” shows Jenkins moving toward the river as he saw a raft, loaded down with what appeared to be a family, escorted by a smuggler.

“We’ve been hiding in the bushes waiting to witness one of these crossings,” Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins said during a “Fox & Friends” segment that aired on Tuesday.

“They’re coming right now,” Jenkins continued as he moved through the bushes to a river. “You can see they’ve got a family in a raft.”

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When the smuggler saw the reporter and his big camera, he paddled back toward the Mexico side of the river.

“So what we’re witnessing now is clearly a family that was being brought over by that smuggler that was paddling in the raft. This is an attempt to illegally cross, and they’ve gone back over there,” Jenkins said.

After the raft began to turn, Jenkins attempted to initiate communication with those on the raft, but with no results.

Jenkins yelled out to a group as they paddled down the river: “Excuse me, sir, were you trying to cross into America illegally?”

“We seem to have foiled this attempt, but officials tell us that he’s probably just going to look for another spot,” he added.

That wasn’t Jenkins only brush with illegal border crossings during his reporting in McAllen.

The same reporter attempted to interview individuals who had successfully crossed the border who could be seen walking, followed by what appeared to be a border agent.

When he asked the group if they crossed illegally, they admitted that they did.

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“Can you tell me, is it an illegal crossing? Yes? But you came anyway?” he asked.

“Well why did you come, is what I’m asking you. Can you tell me why you came illegally?” Jenkins asked an unknown woman.

The woman answered, telling the Fox reporter that it was “the situation in Honduras.”

“You cannot have work in there because the criminals will always get your money,” she said.

On Monday, Jenkins did a report about the solution to the growing problem of illegal immigrants.

Jenkins said that where he was located, ”this border is already overwhelmed.”

“Just in the last 3 weeks, here in the Rio Grande Valley sector, they’ve had more than 12,700 illegal aliens apprehended.”

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