Frank Cannon: 'Trump Isn’t A Conservative - And That’s A Good Thing'


The president of American Principles Project pointed out in an article that President Donald Trump is not a conservative “and that’s a good thing.”

Frank Cannon wrote that the president “is at war with the progressives who have co-opted American society — and is willing to go further than any previous conservative to defeat them.”

“President Trump is often criticized by detractors on both sides of the political spectrum for his willingness to attack our nation’s institutions,” the article for The Federalist began.

Throughout his first year in office, Trump has used Twitter to call out national institutions and the people in charge.

Many conservatives, Cannon pointed out, have respected these institutions “and believe them to be the bedrock of our republic.”

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“This betrays a fundamental naïveté — that these institutions are somehow above reproach and not subject to the same infectious politicization to which the rest of society has succumbed,” he wrote. “That assertion, of course, is ridiculous on its face.”

Most of the nation’s institutions have been “captured” by progressives, and many conservatives have chosen not to question the legitimacy of entire institutions.

“In this respect, Trump is no conservative. This shouldn’t surprise anyone,” Cannon continued.

The writer than labels the president as a radical “anti-progressive” because he “doesn’t play by these ridiculous rules designed to keep conservatives stuck in a perpetual state of losing.”

Are you glad Trump is not a conservative?

“Trump instead seeks to fight and delegitimize any institution the Left has captured, and rebuild it from the ground up.”

Three of the institutions Trump has attacked are the media, sports and the judicial system.

The president has opened a war on what he calls “fake news,” in which he is targeting the bias within the progressive media.

“For years, groups like the Media Research Center and others have pointed out the mainstream media’s prejudicial treatment of conservative ideas and leaders,” Cannon wrote. “However, Trump has been the first president — indeed the first significant political leader on the Right — to take on the media directly for this bias (and win).”

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He has also attacked the NFL, specifically for players kneeling during the national anthem.

“Picking a fight with the NFL was exactly the right tactic at exactly the right time, especially as corporate boardrooms across the country were drifting more and more to the Left,” Cannon said.

Trump has pushed back against the judicial system, especially in terms of the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

“While Trump’s pushback against this has been often crass and imprecise, the concerns he raises are valid,” Cannon wrote. “They are not attacks on the legal system itself or judicial independence, as some of his critics argue, but rather on the manipulation of these institutions by progressives attempting to accomplish their own ends.”

Cannon concludes his piece by pointing out that progressives “are facing an existential threat to the future of their movement — a Republican president who is willing to get in the mud, break a few rule (that previously only applied to Republicans anyway), and do whatever it takes to win.”

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Erin Coates was an editor for The Western Journal for over two years before becoming a news writer. A University of Oregon graduate, Erin has conducted research in data journalism and contributed to various publications as a writer and editor.
Erin Coates was an editor for The Western Journal for over two years before becoming a news writer. She grew up in San Diego, California, proceeding to attend the University of Oregon and graduate with honors holding a degree in journalism. During her time in Oregon, Erin was an associate editor for Ethos Magazine and a freelance writer for Eugene Magazine. She has conducted research in data journalism, which has been published in the book “Data Journalism: Past, Present and Future.” Erin is an avid runner with a heart for encouraging young girls and has served as a coach for the organization Girls on the Run. As a writer and editor, Erin strives to promote social dialogue and tell the story of those around her.
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