Frantic Woman Runs into Police Station. Cops Rush to Save 9-Week-Old Puppy


Pet owners are a special breed. To many, their pets are their children, and they give their critter the best care they can afford.

There are many potential issues that come up when owning dogs. They need special care that humans don’t, and there are a variety of different illnesses and accidents that plague them.

Puppies are especially notorious for getting themselves into trouble. Like babies, they often put things in their mouths that should not be eaten, and there can be serious side effects.

There’s no way everyone can be prepared for every possible problem that will crop up in their pet’s life.

One owner in North Reading, Massachusetts, recently had a terrible scare. Her 9-week-old St. Bernard puppy was not responding, and she didn’t know what to do.

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Megan Vitale rushed the limp ball of fluff to the police department, beside herself and not knowing what else to do. Surely the police would be able to help?

Apparently the pup had choked on some food. This is not unheard of in greedy adult dogs or uncoordinated puppies.

When she arrived at the building, she frantically motioned to the officers through the window, trying to explain her predicament.

An acquaintance followed her in a moment later, cradling the lifeless puppy. Vitale paced back and forth, motioning the cops over.

Once they saw what the problem was, Jorge Hernandez, Peter DiPietro and Joseph Aleo — all officers at North Reading Police Department — rallied to save the poor dog’s life.

Unable to bear the scene, the owner left the immediate area. She was distressed, crying, and couldn’t see her new pet in such dire straits.

The puppy was not looking good. It was unresponsive, limp, and not breathing. Officers attempted to clear its airways and delivered chest compressions.

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Eventually, the officers and some firefighters managed to clear the dog’s airways and he began to breathe again. The entire ordeal took around 10 minutes.

After giving the pup some oxygen via a specialized pet mask, its owners whisked it off to the vet to make sure everything would be okay.

The police department posted a news release detailing the incident and send their best wishes, hoping the Saint Bernard is able to make a full recovery.

As Chief Murphy said, though, these men have been trained to expect the unexpected, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they were able to act in the moment.

“Ultimately, a life was saved thanks to rescuers falling back on their training and remaining calm,” he said. “Even though we are not faced with this kind of incident every day, the officers reacted just as they would in any emergency situation.”

“Many of our firefighters have pets at home in their own families,” Murphy continued. “We do not get to choose the emergency situation that comes our way, so it is important that first responders be prepared for anything.”

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