Fred Weinberg: BLM & the Left Are Using One of Joseph Goebbel's Favorite Tricks


I grew up in a Reform Jewish household where the joke was that our Temple was so reformed that we were practically Unitarian.

Not quite.

Like most other 13-year old Jews, I studied for and was Bar Mitzvahed.

And however reformed we were, I can tell you that if I ever said anything similar to what Dianne Feinstein said about (and to) Amy Coney Barrett during her first confirmation hearing for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, my father would have slapped the snot out of me. Probably in front of one of the Catholic friends I grew up with.

I’ve wondered in the past few years how my late father would have reacted to the political insanity of the 2020 election.

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On one hand, he probably would not have approved of the president’s “in your face” persona, although he did grow up in New York and occasionally had his own similar persona.

On the other hand, this was the guy who founded and built a public television station in Peoria, Illinois, for two reasons.

One, so he could watch Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. and two, to allow Sesame Street to be seen in Central Illinois where it could (and did) do some good.

When he was told by politicians that he needed government money, he took the position that people don’t appreciate things given to them by the government nearly as much as they do when they pay for it themselves and that was the model he used to pay for it. For years, thousands of Peorians donated $13 a month to pay for that station.

He never let us forget where we came from. He taught us about the Holocaust at a very early age and, concurrently, how important it was for Jews to have a homeland like Israel.

I remember going with him to small Illinois towns where he sold Israeli war bonds prior to the 1967 war.

He was really good at it. I’m sure he would be in the front row today, cheering on the president’s peace efforts as historic.

And I’m pretty sure he would have sliced and diced the left’s notion that somehow, the president is an anti-Semite.

The left hates President Trump so much that if he were to cure cancer tomorrow, CNN’s headline would be “Trump Overpopulates the World.”

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As I have said many times in this space, I have great faith in the American voter.

I think that nobody is going to accept riots and looting as a proper response to imagined grievances. I don’t believe that skin pigment confers any privilege on anybody for any reason. That Black Lives Matter wants to overturn the nuclear family would probably have horrified my parents.

What that position does is almost guarantee what BLM calls “systemic racism.”

You wonder why black children underperform white children academically? How about the fact that so many of them are raised in one-parent families? You cannot wave a magic wand to fix problems that you don’t really want to fix because they allow you to raise money.

Criminals are criminals.

Rioting is rioting.

Looting is looting.

As they found out in Minneapolis, defunding the police doesn’t work. And people complaining that the police didn’t come when called are not, somehow, people of white privilege.

The proper term for those people is “taxpayers.”

What the left is doing is the equivalent of Joseph Goebbels’ big lie theory — that is, if you tell a lie big enough and repeat it often enough, people will believe it.

But this is America, not Nazi Germany. Simply put, we’re smarter than that.

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