Fred Weinberg: After Minneapolis Violence, Democrats Are All Talk, No Action


If you think I’m going to write a reasoned and wise column about the human scum crapping on our cities, you must truly be smoking crack.

And I’m not talking about protesters. I’m talking about criminals. You go out and say what you think, maybe stand in the street blocking traffic, you are a protester. You go out and start fires and loot, you are a criminal.

An apparently bad cop in Minneapolis (full disclosure, we own a radio station there) appears — at least from the video — to have stepped way over his legitimate role in law enforcement and killed a man named George Floyd last week. The cop is white; Floyd is black.

That translates in Minnesota nice (as the natives are wont to call themselves) to looting and burning down an AutoZone, a Target store and many small businesses. The destruction doesn’t recognize the race of the business owner since some of what was burned and looted happened to be black-owned. And, oh yeah, a police precinct house.

And that rioting spread to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta, among others.

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The mostly common thread is that the cities in which this bullcrap was allowed to happen are run by liberal Democrats who were ordering their cops to stand down.

Let’s be clear. The people who did the destruction are not “protesters.” They are animals and should be appropriately caged. The fact that in Minneapolis there was a sign on the AutoZone which said “free s— for everyone zone” should tell any responsible person everything he or she needs to know.

As the president tweeted, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” (Twitter flagged that tweet because it appears that Twitter thinks anarchy is good for business.)

My gut feeling is that the next time criminals of any race engage in a riotous act, they should be treated like the terrorists they are and lethal force should be used to stop them. They might be martyred but that won’t last long.

Do you think Democrats will ever do more than blame President Trump and "the system" in response to the riots?

Here’s the problem:

The media — including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal — keeps calling criminals “protesters.”

And in most cases the media is wrong.

The minute you step over the line from civil disobedience to looting, arson and other acts that carry felony charges, you are no longer a “protester.” You are a criminal and you should be treated as one.

And that means you could get shot, among other things.

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As to the politics, take a look at which cities seem to have these problems. They are largely controlled by Democrats who have sucked up to employee unions for years. That is why Minneapolis has an incredibly strong police union with inordinate influence.

Frankly, watching the mayor of Minneapolis, the Minnesota attorney general and the governor is more than a little bit like watching a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.

These are the people allegedly in charge. The cop who has been charged with murder works for them. Yet to hear them talk, you would think that those cops worked for the president.

If what has happened is the result of the “systemic racism” these folks like to talk about, then who implemented that “systemic racism” or at least allowed it to continue? Minnesota AG Keith Ellison uses his tongue prettier than a Washington. D.C., prostitute on that subject.

“At some moment, sadly, George Floyd will be laid to rest … the criminal and the civil-rights process will be concluded. But will we have made any real substantive changes, or will we just be setting ourselves up for it to happen all over again?” Ellison said. He was referring to a task force he was a member of! It’s not like the liberal leadership was shocked.

Here’s an idea for the Democratic “leaders” of those jurisdictions. Stop flapping your pie holes and do something constructive!

It’s easy to be the representatives of the poor and oppressed. Your problem is that your acquiescence to the public employees’ unions — particularly the police unions — caused many of these problems. Fix that and you will have made some much-needed progress.

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