Furious Locals Rip Into Teacher Over Profane Anti-Military Rant


Last month a California teacher and local city council member made headlines after one of his students shared a video of the smug educator delivering a profane anti-military rant at him for wearing a Marines sweatshirt in class

This Tuesday, over a 100 locals gathered for a public hearing held by the local school board to share their thoughts about El Rancho High School teacher Gregory Salcido, and what they had to say about him certainly wasn’t rated PG.

“I know you have due process. Do your thing, and then shake his a** out of here,” said one irate local, Marine Corps veteran Dewey Fisher, according to ABC News.

“I wish he would have told me to my face what he told those kids – then it would be a different story,” added another unnamed veteran, as reported by station KCBS.

Their anger stemmed not only from Salcido’s mistreatment of 12th-grade student Victor Quinonez, whom he berated for wearing a Marines sweatshirt and had previously targeted for reportedly wanting to join the military, but his mistreatment of other students as well.

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“Every single day, he would pick on me for my religious beliefs or my beliefs in general,” one of Quinonez’s fellow students revealed at the meeting Tuesday.

View scenes from the meeting in the video below courtesy station KABC:

In response to Salcido’s disturbing remarks toward Quinonez, which included him deriding members of the military as “the freaking lowest of our low,” the school district has placed Salcido on paid administrative leave and launched an investigation.

Should bigot, bully and assaulter Gregory Salcido be sent packing?

“Due process requires the District to investigate the facts, decide what action, if any, should be taken based on those facts, and use procedures set forth in law and contract before imposing any discipline,” district officials reportedly said in a statement.

That’s fine, but they need to hurry up and then do as Marine Corps veteran Dewey Fisher recommended and “shake his a** out of here.” Because frankly, a bigot, bully and apparent assaulter (he was temporarily placed on leave in 2012 for hitting a student) like Salcido should be nowhere near children and teens alike.

“Salcido should be fired and to have his credentials taken away because I don’t believe students should be hurt anymore, or be scared to go inside his classroom,” Quinonez himself said Tuesday.

He was right. And some in the community have reportedly made it clear that if the school board fails to terminate Salcido, there will be consequences for them.

“If you do not do what your community is asking of you, each one of you can be recalled, believe me,” said Robert Perez, a local resident and veteran. “They’re asking for you to do what’s right. Fire Salcido. That is up to you, nobody else but you.”

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Agreed, Mr. Perez. Agreed!

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