Gavin Newsom's Twitter Taunt Backfires After Democrat Defends Sarah Huckabee Sanders


California’s leftist Gov. Gavin Newsom took to Twitter on Wednesday to taunt Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but he received backlash from a member of his own party.

On Tuesday, Sanders delivered the GOP rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, in which she blasted the “crazy” and insane woke agenda that the Democrats have for America.

One of the major parts of her rebuttal had to do with public safety and the reluctance of leftist leaders to enforce the law. But Newsom was quick to respond to that with a taunt on Twitter.

The next day, Newsom wrote on Twitter, “While @SarahHuckabee touts public safety, here is what she skips over: Arkansas has the one of the highest murder rates in the nation.”

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But then, something happened that Newsom did not intend. His tweet was lambasted and ripped apart, not by a Republican, but by a member of his own party!

Andrew Collins, a Democrat who serves on the Arkansas House of Representatives, tweeted in response, “She’s been Governor a month … There are drivers of crime like poverty, lack of education, and lack of opportunity, that Arkansas needs to fix in order to reduce violent crime. They’re generational. And they aren’t unique to Arkansas … Don’t trash my state.”

Some Twitter users responded to Collins by praising him for calling out Newsom for his tweet, and reminding the Golden State governor that California has its own massive problems that need fixing.

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They are correct to point that out. California, under leftist leadership, is in the worst shape it has ever been. Crime and homelessness are out of control and the state government does not seem to be doing anything to solve the problem.

In fact, San Bernadino County, one of the most populous counties of the state, is so fed up with the state government’s inaction that its leaders are even looking into the possibility of secession.

Another Twitter user thanked Collins for defending the governor and acknowledged how encouraging it was to see politicians reach across party lines and help their colleagues in the other party.

This is indeed very encouraging to see. It shows us that despite all the noise that comes from the far-left faction of the party, not all Democrats are on board with their insane agenda and some are willing to give support to their Republican colleagues when they deserve it.

Arkansas may be a mess, but California is not much better. If a Democrat is pointing that out in defense of a Republican governor, it is probably a good sign that Newsom should keep quiet about Arkansas’ problems and focus on the problems of his own state.

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