Gen. Flynn Exclusive: We're Not Going to Win 2024 but the Governors Can Change Everything


Have we lost America to a Marxist-communist movement? Are we in an unrecoverable tailspin toward our nation’s demise?

Why have I asked these questions, you ask? It is because the Marxist left has so corrupted America and its election system that it appears no Republican candidate can win in 2024. There, I said it. It won’t happen. Instead, these next two years will not simply be the same as the past two — they will be far worse.

The election system in our country, in practically every single state, is simply broken and fosters little trust among the voting population. And the Marxist left loves it!

You can blame it on machines, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting or some other means of voting irregularity, all of which are symptoms of a far greater problem: the deep-seated corruption of our federal-level political class that filters down to every county. The political class has practically shredded our Constitution and destroyed any modicum of freedom being held together by those constitutional remnants.

The destruction of America’s heritage and ideals has been a goal of the left for over 100 years, but the election of Barack Obama vastly accelerated these efforts, which were by and large unopposed and certainly unrecognized by the Republican Party.

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Indeed, Obama — while hiding his Marxist background and aspirations — put much time and effort into transforming America by infiltrating the federal government with thousands of socialist ideologues and implementing programs and regulations that targeted the foundations of America’s greatness: its free enterprise system, the First and Second Amendments, the family unit, free and fair elections, and the rule of law.

While the election of Donald Trump in 2016 interrupted these plans, as well as my life, they were resumed by Joe Biden, whether he knew it or not.

These Marxist-based goals have now resulted in such damage to America that it is doubtful we will ever be able to recover the freedoms and liberties our Founders bestowed upon us. The trends of the last few years have led to many difficult-to-reverse changes that have severely undermined the principles that made America the freest and most prosperous country in world history.

While most conservative pundits tend to analyze and respond to these trends individually, when one looks at them collectively, it becomes obvious that the United States as we know it is in its final phase and that everything conservatives have warned about for decades is now upon us. Just look at the trends.

1. We no longer have free and fair elections. The left has now rigged two elections, 2020 and 2022, by funneling hundreds of millions of dollars from the elites into blue voting districts, using COVID to illegally alter state voting regulations, suppressing news stories that would have destroyed Biden’s candidacy (Hunter’s laptop, anyone?) and using a wholly corrupt media to brainwash unengaged Americans.

The idea that a senile, incompetent, lifelong swamp creature who hid in his basement and held three campaign rallies received more votes than the most popular president in U.S. history, Barack Obama, is an insult to our intelligence.

2. We do not appear to have a Supreme Court that cares about election fraud allegations. SCOTUS refused to take on perhaps the most important case of alleged election fraud in American history, the Texas case of 2020, claiming Texas had no standing, when in fact it clearly did. The court appears to have an incorrect understanding of the separation of powers doctrine.

3. We have allowed our intelligence agencies to work with one party to help deliver an election to its candidate by literally suppressing the freedom of speech of countless Americans, and those agencies suffered no consequences.

This is a subject I have vast knowledge and understanding of. The entire Russian collusion hoax was a warning that has not yet been heeded. The intelligence community demonstrated that it was willing to collaborate with one political party to deny the sacred rights of Americans to duly elect their leaders.

4. The president of the United States has been severely compromised by our leading adversary, but not even the GOP will hold him accountable. The evidence is now overwhelming that Biden and his family have enriched themselves by virtue of Joe Biden serving as Obama’s vice president. Dare I say “impeachment”?

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5. We have allowed the weaponization of the federal government to a degree our Founders would not even recognize. The FBI has used its powers to not just help the Democrats win elections, but to create a vast surveillance state in conjunction with social media companies in an effort to shut down the First Amendment rights of Americans who dare to question Biden’s policies.

6. The return to race-based policies is destroying the American ideal. The Black Lives Matter riots over two years ago accelerated the idea that race, not merit, should determine advancement in society when it comes to employment, housing, bank loans, welfare, college admission, criminal justice policies — and the list goes on. This completely undermines Martin Luther King who, like most Americans, believed in a colorblind society based on merit and qualifications alone.

7. Both political parties are following a foreign policy doctrine whose central theme is the concentration of power among global elites at the expense of American sovereignty. This uni-party has America continuing as an empire-building nation, but it is not our empire they are building.

8. America’s founding Christian culture is not just being attacked but is under total assault and will soon disappear. We no longer have a culture that protects our families, our children, our values, our churches and our First Amendment rights. The sexualization of children alone is disgusting, yet perverse adults who claim to act in their best interests groom them for early sexual activity.

9. Women’s sports are being taken over by fake women while real women lose college scholarships, national championships and Olympic team spots. Apparently, they now believe that the destruction of gender takes precedence over the rights of women, which tells us that today’s feminist movement is really not about protecting the rights of women to begin with.

10. We have an energy policy leading to conditions reminiscent of the 1800s. The use of illegal federal laws and regulations to stop or restrict the drilling, transportation, refining and selling of gas and oil will result in corporations ceasing to invest in these energy sources. This is all being done to meet phony “climate change” goals. If the current energy trends continue, we are facing the reversal of 2,000 years of civilization, global economies will shrivel, and the world’s elites will live like kings while the rest of us slobs live in a very poor, slave-like society.

This list is not inclusive nor prioritized. For instance, I did not mention the parts of the medical establishment that nearly destroyed America and the so-called “experts” who should no longer be trusted. America must now wake up to what is happening to our once-beautiful constitutional republic.

This all leads to the $64,000 questions: 1) What to do next and 2) How will that be accomplished?

We must first return to the Constitution, and I am not saying or even suggesting that anyone should refuse to vote. We should all vote just in case a miracle occurs. And yes, the real test comes in the 2024 elections. If, after destroying our economy, our military, our border, our culture, our Constitution and just about everything else, the senile buffoon somehow ends up with a second term, we will all know in our hearts that the 2024 election was stolen and that we will never again win the White House.

Our governors must be at the forefront of any and all solutions. All governors, but especially red state governors, need to consider nullifying federal laws and regulations not specifically authorized by the Constitution.

A good place for them to start is to read Thomas Woods’ book “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.” In this book, Woods reminds us that our Founding Fathers considered the nullification of unconstitutional federal laws by the states to be a check on a corrupt federal government. Of course, the media will portray any such moves as “extreme,” but the reality is that the massive semi-police state we now live in is far more extreme, has no constitutional authority, and never did.

Will we ever recover our constitutional freedoms?

In the end, what we need (desperately) is leaders at all levels of our republic who want to restore the vision of America’s Founders of a free and prosperous society in which every person has the potential to succeed.

This suggestion is not complex, and its most important ingredient is to start locally and elect state officeholders who have the guts to follow the Founders’ original vision of a decentralized government in which the vast majority of power is in the hands of the states. Local action can have a national impact, but only if we the people stand up and speak out.

If we are able to return to a semblance of a federalist model of governance as our Founders envisioned, businesses will once again flourish by leaving behind unruly federal regulations, we can stop the unconstitutional FBI from harassing our citizens, we can return our schools to local control, we can secure our borders, we can stop the sexualization of children, we can end restrictions on free speech, gun ownership, and religious freedom, and we can and should expect many other positive outcomes.

The Bill of Rights was ratified on Dec. 15, 1791 (a mere 232 years ago). These original 10 amendments were each elegantly crafted as well as visionary in their sustainability and simple application of common sense.

So, given the above framework and analysis, I want to finish by pointing readers to the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

I don’t know about you, but I find that amendment still a profoundly good idea, and one that screams for application during these times that, as Thomas Paine said, “try men’s souls.”

So, red state governors, what say you?

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Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn served as the national security advisor to President Donald J. Trump. He also served in the U.S. military for over 33 years, holds three master's degrees and has been awarded numerous civilian, military, intelligence and law enforcement awards and honors. He is the co-author of two national best-selling books, “The Field of Fight” and “The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.” He is currently serving as chairman of America’s Future 501c3, one of America’s oldest non-profits. To learn more about Gen. Flynn and America’s Future, you can visit