Georgetown Board Member Resigns After Wishing Conservative TV Host Would Have A '#MeToo' Moment


On Saturday, Jeff Bernstein was a Georgetown University board member, on Monday he’s not, a result of the consequences he must bare just days after hurling a disgusting tweet at conservative analyst Allie Stuckey.

Bernstein, who was a member of the university’s Masters of Science in Foreign Service program, tweeted Saturday that he wished Stuckey would have “a #metoo moment” in response to her statements on the “MeToo” movement.

Georgetown announced in a statement Monday that Bernstein had resigned as an advisory board member amid the widespread backlash to his comment, The Daily Wire reported.

“The Masters of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) program at Georgetown University is deeply committed to fostering the role of women in international affairs and promoting respectful dialogue and debate on the critical issues facing our world,” the university wrote. “Encouraging, threatening or condoning violence and harassment against another person, in any form and on any format, is deeply inconsistent with the values of the program, our school and our university.”

“We appreciate Mr. Bernstein’s efforts to apologize for recent comments deeply inconsistent with our values and mission and have accepted his resignation from the MSFS Board of Advisors,” the statement continued.

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“MSFS will continue its dedication to preparing women and men for leadership roles in global affairs.”

The incident that prompted Bernstein’s resignation began after Stuckey, the creator of the Conservative Millennial blog, argued that the “MeToo” movement is the symptom of “a broken world,” not a broken justice system as some have claimed.

Her statement apparently irked Bernstein, who responded with the since-deleted tweet that seemed to imply that he hoped Stuckey would experience some type of sexual trauma so that she wouldn’t “be so sensitive.”

The conservative journalist captured a screenshot of the tweet before it was taken down, providing it for all to see.

She proceeded to call the matter to the attention of Georgetown, asking the institution if their advisory board member’s rhetoric is any way indicative of the “standard” it holds for board members.
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As noted by The Daily Wire, Bernstein initially responded defensively, claiming that Stuckey was attempting to “spin stuff to try and create the illusion of reality.”

However, Bernstein eventually apologized after Stuckey posted a photo of the original tweet in their discussion.

“I apologize. I shouldn’t have said that,” Bernstein wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I thought you were implying that the fact that this moment is happening meant that the world was not functioning properly, similar to how you have minimized the terrible things Trump has said/done. I would never wish harm on anyone.”

Stuckey noted that although Bernstein wait till “after being dragged through the mud” to apologize, she accepted it nonetheless but urged him to look in the mirror.

“Mistakes happen, and I forgive you for this. But, you should learn your lesson,” she wrote. “This is not the first time you’ve made comments like this. You are constantly trolling conservatives and called Lauren Southern ‘lucky sperm.’ Take your own advice: words matter.”

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