Geraldo Rivera Condemns 'Freedom Convoy,' Gutfeld Doesn't Let Him Get Away with It in Heated Battle


Geraldo Rivera criticized the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” trucker protests on Fox News’ “The Five,” and co-host Greg Gutfeld was having none of it.

On Feb. 14, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the extreme step of invoking his nation’s Emergencies Act in response to the peaceful demonstration against Canada’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, The New York Times reported.

The convoy of truckers garnered international attention as it shut down Ottawa and most of the trade between Canada and the United States.

“We cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue,” Trudeau said in a speech to the nation announcing the emergency powers declaration.

“These illegal blockades are hurting Canadians and they need to stop,” he said.

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The panel of “The Five” on Feb. 16 discussed the situation.

Gutfeld mocked Trudeau, calling him “the prime miniature” and a virtue-signaling “ghoulish hypocrite.”

But Rivera attacked the truckers’ protest — which he previously had called an “act of war” by “thugs” — and claimed it was actually curtailing freedom.

“You know what is not that popular in Canada … is this trucker, this ‘Freedom Convoy,'” he said.

Do you support the Freedom Convoy?

“What about the freedom of the homeowners to live in peace? What about the freedom of the shopkeepers to do business? What about the freedom of the auto workers to get parts so that they can put their cars together?” Rivera said.

He accused the truckers of taking away other people’s rights in order to establish their own.

But Gutfeld quickly chimed in, saying, “What rights are they taking away?”

Rivera repeated his earlier litany and then shifted gears to blame the conservative media for spurring on the protest.

“It is conservative media that has gone from support to incitement,” he said. “These people are violating the rights of others in Canada.”

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Later in the segment, Gutfeld addressed that point, accusing Rivera of implicating Fox News “because we are defending the truckers.”

“We’re not like you, Geraldo, which has a disdain for the working class,” he said.

“I am the working class,” Rivera responded.

“In that Bentley, right?” Gutfeld shot back.

Rivera reportedly has a net worth of $20 million.

Though this was a low blow, Gutfeld made the point clear and rightfully exposed Rivera’s weakness in his opposition to the Freedom Convoy.

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