Girl Walking 2 Sad Dogs In Park Sees Man In White Get Out Of Car, Knows He's Their Real Owner


Veterans often face some struggles after coming home from active duty. While PTSD is an all-too-common problem, it is not an easy one to fix.

Many veterans take solace in their pets. Dogs offer emotional support and prevent individuals from becoming entirely isolated.

When Air Force veteran Joshua returned home after serving in Afghanistan, he too faced a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. He suffered from nightmares, isolation, and other PTSD symptoms.

“Just going from a war zone to a civilian life and coming back, you feel totally isolated. You feel totally alone. You feel cut off from everything,” he said.

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His only comfort came from his two dogs. Named Panda and Momma, they were constant companions who provided him with the emotional support he needed.

Trouble arose when Joshua needed to move. Feeling a change in scenery would help him recover, Joshua decided to move from Louisiana to California.

Unfortunately, Panda and Momma were unable to travel with him. He knew the separation was only temporary, but it was still painful for the three of them.

“Every day I wake up without them snuggled up underneath my blankets is a strange day,” he said. “Every day I don’t have to walk a dog is a wrong day,” he explained.

Two months passed, and Joshua was settled in his new home. It was time for Panda and Momma to join him — but this time, he was unable to transport them across the country.

That’s when the kind people at Pitbulls and Parolees jumped in to save the day. Mariah, dubbed “an animal hero,” heard about the veteran’s plight and offered to take his dogs to their new home.

While Joshua had dearly missed his pups, Panda and Momma had clearly missed him, too. They barely ate during the separation and had clearly lost weight.

Mariah met up with Joshua at a local park. As soon as the dogs caught sight of their owner, their unhappiness was immediately forgotten.

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Now a happy family once again, the three can finally enjoy their new home. Thank you to all who serve, and thank you to those who help our veterans find the happiness they so deserve.

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