Girls Send Mom Video of Them Singing National Anthem, Goes Viral with 20,000,000 Views


America’s national anthem. Just the mention of that phrase can start any number of heated discussions, including those related to behavior witnessed in NFL stadiums.

Written in 1814 by 35-year-old lawyer Francis Scott Key, “The Star-Spangled Banner” was his commentary on experiencing the war, while waiting with baited breath under British guard from a ship in the Chesapeake Bay, to see if Fort McHenry still had the American flag in place or if the invading British army had taken over.

The flag was still there in the aftermath, signaling victory to Key and the others guarded with him.

It is not an easy song to sing, and some very famous singers have been widely attacked over their attempts at hitting all the notes and performing it in their own style.

Of course, such has not been the case for every performer, with USA Today Sports’ Giants Wire writing that the late “Whitney Houston’s emotional rendition of the national anthem is considered one of the greatest ever.”

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But now Houston may have a little competition for that title, thanks to three teen girls named Darby, Anna Beth, and Ellie.

The trio sang an a capella version of the anthem and then Ellie texted it to her mom, Sheri Lawson Bennet, who was so proud she shared the performance video publicly on Facebook.

The positive response to the performance has been overwhelming, with the post having been shared almost 500,000 times in 12 days and receiving more than 64,000 comments.

It also was viewed more than 23 million times and led to the Nashville, Tennessee, girls starting a new Facebook dedicated to their singing.

On their Facebook page, more songs have been posted and the response has still been positive, with some commenting on the new songs and others chiming in on how moved they were by the anthem rendition. The teens have expressed their gratitude for the support they have been getting from the public.

Commonly stated amongst all the comments are hopes that one day they’ll get to perform at the Super Bowl and how their singing future is sure to be bright and successful. The girls, thus far, seem to be taking it all in stride.

With all the controversy that rages around the American national anthem, there is no way of knowing if the trio will ever get the opportunity to perform it in such a huge venue or not.

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Although they may not get a record deal from their instant fame, they have certainly accrued a large number of fans already, many of whom have happily started following the trio’s updates on Facebook.

As of Jan. 27, 2018, The Trio’s Facebook page has amassed almost 50,000 followers in the few days it had been up and running. It’s even garnered 850 reviews with all of those giving a 5-star rating to the page.

For many, it is not just the beautiful way the girls sing the song that is so moving. It’s the fact that they show such respect for the song and what it symbolizes that means so much.

If the teens can continue on this same trajectory, there is no doubt they really do have a bright future and much success ahead of them. With the NFL losing fans and the announcement of the XFL starting up again, perhaps Vince McMahon will enlist the girls to sing for his league, since he’s made it clear players will be required to stand for the anthem, according to Fox Business.

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