GOP Lawmakers Cheer Fox News for Removing Tucker, But Look What They Didn't Do: 'Good Riddance'


Conservatives often complain that the Republican Party is not a serious entity and that its inability to coalesce around a single cause or crusade in dire times renders it ineffective.

Some could argue that comments a number of GOP lawmakers made under the shroud of anonymity to Axios for a piece that was published on Thursday prove that to be true.

Three people described by the outlet as House Republicans each celebrated Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News because they said he made their jobs more difficult.

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Much of the complaining was in relation to Carlson’s opposition to America’s blank-check policy toward Ukraine, which has been at war with Russia since February 2022.

No matter what your personal feelings are on offering aid to the country or how you might feel about that country’s leadership, Carlson’s perspectives on both were necessary for a healthy public discourse.

The establishment media has portrayed funding the stalemate in Europe as a duty the American people must perform at any cost.

Voices in the Republican Party have echoed similar sentiments.

Would you vote for any of these people who said bad things about Tucker?

Carlson offered a take on the conflict, and this country’s role in it, that made Washington’s ability to sell a forever war to the American people during an economic crisis and after two decades of global fighting more challenging.

He antagonized people in both parties who have supported sending endless aid to foreign countries and who have never seemed to be bothered about tracking what that money was being used for.

Carlson’s studio lights were cut April 24, when Fox News fired him without explaining why.

Since then, the cockroaches have come out to thrive in the darkness that is Carlson’s absence from cable television.

“Tucker being gone makes my life easier with many things including Ukraine,” one of the anonymous Republicans told Axios. “Though I think that somebody will own that space in a couple of weeks anyway.”

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Another one added: “Well, no one is more unhappy about Tucker’s departure than the Russians.”

A third House Republican said Carlson “thrived on destroying Republicans.”

When asked about Carlson’s termination from cable’s top-rated show, that person concluded, “I say good riddance.”

None of these people were brave enough to be named in the story.

It is no wonder why people don’t trust their government and why so many Republicans don’t trust their own party’s leaders.

Carlson is, of course, not an all-knowing being whose views and opinions are objectively the right ones.

But he did express insightful and daring perspectives on major issues that resonated with voters throughout his time with Fox News.

He also used his voice to shine lights in dark places — places that were and are inhabited by people who like to operate out of sight and out of mind.

Carlson called out the kinds of Republicans who would dare to speak to an outlet such as Axios off the record.

Those celebrating the fact that his voice has been silenced are the same kind of people that motivated Carlson to use his show to challenge how voters viewed everything.

While there are numerous Republicans who have publicly declared they stand with the now-former Fox News host, comments from those who are happy Carlson is gone are why so many people have lost faith in the GOP’s ability to effect change in Washington.

In fact, you have to wonder why many of those people are there at all, unless it’s to enrich themselves personally while avoiding rocking the money boat.

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