GOP Seeks to Recapture '94 Red Wave Glory, Announces Its 'Commitment to America'


House Republicans rolled out their “Commitment to America” on Friday in western Pennsylvania, promising the plan offers the way to get the United States back on track.

The proposal is reminiscent of the GOP’s “Contract with America,” which helped lead to a Republican landslide in the 1994 midterm elections during Democratic President Bill Clinton’s first term.

In those midterm contests, Republicans gained 54 seats to win the House and took control of the Senate, marking the first time the party had held both chambers since the 1950s.

At an event in Washington County, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “Our job is to work for you, not go after you. Our job is to make America stronger.”

“We can secure our border. We can become energy independent, where your price of gas is lower. We can build an education system that has a Parents’ Bill of Rights, that you have a say in your kids’ education. And we can be a check and balance, rein this government that’s going after the individuals,” he added.

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A Republican majority’s very first bill would repeal the part of the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act passed this summer that provides for 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents, McCarthy pledged.

The Commitment to America addresses four main areas: the economy, public safety, freedom and government accountability.

To tackle the top issue on voters’ minds — inflation — the GOP would cut government spending, reduce regulations and increase domestic energy production.

Will Republicans retake the House in November?

Inflation is at a 40-year high with President Joe Biden and the Democrats at the helm.

The federal government spent approximately $12.1 trillion during the past two fiscal years, the highest dollar amount of any Congress in U.S. history.

By way of comparison, during the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency with Republicans in charge, the federal government spent $8 trillion. In Trump’s final two years, with Democrats in control of the House and the COVID-19 outbreak, the federal government spent $11.1 trillion.

Concerning energy policy, Biden took a series of steps after assuming office to curtail domestic oil production under the auspices of addressing climate change, including greatly restricting exploration on federal lands.

The result is that the U.S. is producing 1 million barrels a day less under the current administration than it did at its peak under Trump.

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Gas prices are up over 50 percent under Biden: The average price of a gallon of gasoline was $2.38 when he took office and is currently $3.69.

To improve public safety, Republicans would pass legislation to secure the southern border and end catch-and-release for illegal migrants. Further, the Commitment to America calls for funding 200,000 more police officers nationwide and cracking down on prosecutors and district attorneys who do not prosecute crimes.

To promote freedom, the GOP wants to pass a Parents’ Bill of Rights, expand school choice and rein in Big Tech.

Finally, to create a more accountable government, Republicans would conduct rigorous congressional oversight of the Biden administration and improve election security through voter ID, accurate voter rolls and observer access.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who spearheaded the Contract with America in 1994, praised the GOP’s new Commitment to America on Friday.

McCarthy’s “laying out a platform for governing, not just a platform for campaigning. And that’s what we did,” Gingrich told Fox News.

“I think the American people want to change the trajectory. They want to stop the murders. They want to stop the rising prices. They want to get back to independence in energy,” he argued.

“That’s why I think this will be a much bigger Republican tsunami [in the midterms] than people currently expect.”

The Cook Political Report shows the GOP with 212 seats in the “solid” to “lean Republican” categories and the Democrats with 192, while 31 seats remain toss-ups.

The Fox News “power rankings” currently have Republicans retaking the House 231 to 204, as the Senate remains a toss-up.

That House majority would be almost identical to the GOP majority following the 1994 election, when the party won 230 seats.

A version of this article originally appeared on Patriot Project.

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