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GOP Tries To Help With Humanitarian Border Crisis... Hypocrite Dems Refuse over a Dozen Times

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Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs and other Republicans have been attempting to provide $4.5 billion in supplemental funding to alleviate the crisis on the United States’ southern border.

But House Democrats have stonewalled the proposal — not once, not twice, but over a dozen times.

And this comes after Democrats have spent the past few years blowing up the humanitarian crisis on the border, demanding that President Donald Trump, his administration and Republicans in Congress provide aid.

The flip-flopping by liberal lawmakers never ceases to amaze.

“This week, House Democrats blocked over a dozen requests to consider $4.5 billion in supplemental funding to deal with the humanitarian crisis at America’s southern border,” Biggs’ office wrote in a news release published Thursday.

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“America’s southern border is in a state of chaos,” Biggs stated in the release. “The Border Patrol encounters tens of thousands of illegal aliens every month, and agents are running out of resources to process and to care for them.

“If Democrats have the compassion they habitually claim to have for women and children, they should join Republicans in supporting appropriations for resources to house, care for, and feed these individuals.

“Unfortunately, Democrats won’t allow a vote for President Trump’s request. I call on my colleagues from across the aisle to unite with Republicans to confront this humanitarian crisis at the border and approve this vital funding,” Biggs concluded.

Biggs is working alongside Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy — who recently wrote a scathing opinion piece against his Democratic colleagues on Fox News.

Are you tired of congressional Democrats stonewalling good legislation?

“Under the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Democrats, the 116th Congress has refused to so much as entertain anything to address the border, including funding for the Unaccompanied Alien Child Program run by the Department of Health and Human Services, because my Democratic colleagues fear giving the president and the minority party a ‘win,’” Roy wrote.

“We have an obligation to set aside partisanship and decide whether we are going to do anything or continue, as so many Congresses have in prior years, to bury our head in the sand and pretend there is not a problem.

“If we choose to do nothing, we have the blood of migrants — suffering at the hands of cartels — on our hands,” he concluded.

Naturally, Democrats on Capitol Hill and those running for the presidency have no interest in helping the Republican effort.

Like California Sen. Kamala Harris, they prefer to blame the problem on the Trump administration. But they’re not fooling everybody.

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While Democrats complain about the Border Patrol putting kids in cages, among other things, Republicans are actually trying to fix existing problems.

However, as conservatives do the heavy lifting, liberals have proven they don’t want anything to do with the solution.

They believe they need every edge they can get when it comes to the 2020 election — even if it comes at the expense of destitute people on the border and tearing down an administration that’s willing to help those people.

What a sad state of affairs.

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