Granny Can't Stop Laughing after Getting into Stranger's Car Outside Store


I think we have all been there, I know I have. You come out of the store, your keys in your hand.

You are a bit on autopilot as you walk across to the parking lot. You approach your car and then spend a good amount of time wondering why your keys don’t work.

Or you are waiting for a ride and a car slows near where you expect to meet your friend or loved one. Without looking you open the door and get in.

But, the face that greets you isn’t the one you were expecting. You make your excuses and hastily make your exit.

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Look at the video above. The grandmother starts getting into the car before making a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile, her ride can’t control themselves; they erupted into laughter. I suspect this story will be told over and over for a few days (maybe even years) at family gatherings.

One has to wonder about this, right? Has the grandmother done this before? Is she known for her absentmindedness?

Or, conversely, is she known for her sharp, focused mind and this sort of behavior is out of the ordinary, which flavors the humor of it all?

And what about the driver in the other car? Does he find this just as funny? Maybe s/he is just confused, wondering who the mysterious old woman was who tried to get into his or her car.

Maybe this driver will spend years haunted by the vision of an elderly face, a friendship that never came to be as the old woman scurried away from his vehicle.

The grandson, despite his laughter, is a dedicated one. He very patiently videoed the whole thing to put on the internet.

I am going to share another video with you good folks, of another mother getting into another wrong car as another son videos it.

It seems videoing your mother or grandmother getting into the wrong vehicle while you laugh your butt off is a common phenomenon.

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I assume this phenomenon is being studied by scientists. I truly hope that is the case.

One can presume he did this to warn others of “stranger danger.” We must teach our grandparents to never get into cars with strangers.

The results could be hilarious.

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