Greg Gutfeld: Trump Gave Us A Great 2017, Here's Why 2018 Could Be Even Better


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld gave viewers several reasons why 2017 was a great year, despite many celebrities and media outlets complaining otherwise.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Five,” Gutfeld called out the “mainstream media” for spending New Year’s weekend lamenting 2017 and saying, “Thank God it’s over.”


“But how much of this feeling is actually warranted” asked Gutfeld.

“Sure 2017 was bad … for ISIS,” he quipped.

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The political commentator and host of “The Greg Gutfeld Show” noted that under President Donald Trump’s leadership, the Islamic State group has been largely wiped-out across the Middle East.

He then pointed out that over the last year, the U.S. has put more pressure on North Korea, who has reportedly been creating both nuclear and biological weapons over the last few years under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

Gutfeld continued, “2017 was bad for our other global rivals, as we renewed interests in national security.”

In addition to listing off the Trump administration’s military and security initiatives, Gutfeld also noted that consumer confidence has gone up.

As reported by The Western Journal, consumer and job reports had improved by the holidays, despite the economic impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Last month a CNBC poll of 800 adults from across the country found that over 50 percent of respondents rated the economy as either good or excellent for the first time in the past 11 years.

According to the survey (which was conducted from Dec. 10-13 by the Democratic Hart Research), 41 percent of those polled expected the economy to improve over the next year.

The unemployment rate remained low in December, according to CNN Money.

Although it is typical for debates to continue during the first 1-2 years of an administration over which president is more responsible for the current economy, the recently passed GOP lead tax reform bill is apparently encouraging businesses to increase employee pay.

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AT&T recently announced plans to award workers bonuses after the tax bill, according to CNBC.

Gutfeld then noted that 2017 had been a difficult year for the media, under constant accusations of “fake news.” He noted the role social media has played in allowing audiences to keep news outlets in check.

“2017 was bad…bad for the media, under fire over bias and undermined by Twitter, because you are keeping them on their toes. Good for you.”

Gutfeld also noted other topics such as energy independence, and the ability of folks to access “curriculum” on the internet as a way to battle what he called “the monopoly of academia,” stating that “colleges are dead.”

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