Grieving Mother & Daughter Get Each Other Same Gift, Both Left Stunned


There’s no reason you can’t give Valentine’s gifts to people other than your significant other. Friends and family appreciate the love, too.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a particularly memorable gift from a mother or sister or other person close to you, or maybe you got something atypical of the holiday that keeps itself in your mind.

The heralded holiday is just around the corner, and it you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no further.

This story will having you thinking twice before picking up that box of chocolates. You may just choose a fuzzier option.

Natalie Rice had a big surprise for her mother: an early Valentine’s gift. But her mother also had a big surprise, one that might have left them both in hot water.

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The Rice family dog, Remington, had recently passed away. The loss left the family devastated and created a broken space in their hearts.

Please Note: The following video clip has brief foul language

Rice believed that there could be nothing better than to give her mother a new cuddly puppy as a surprise gift. What happened during the exchange was caught on video.

Rice waited at the door for her mother to come in. She held the adorable puppy in her hands, waiting in excited anticipation, her phone camera recording the whole thing.

As Rice began to say Happy Valentine’s Day, her mother walked through the door holding her own brand-new gift puppy!

Both mother and daughter had the same bright idea and their reaction was priceless. Both were completely shocked.

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The two puppies were adorable. Rice knew that no other dog could take Remington’s place, but a new puppy would bring a new love to the family. Could two bring twice the love?

“Oh my god we’re in so much trouble,” posted Rice on social media, along with the video. “My dad is going to kill us.” Sometimes even the best intentions can land you in hot water.

The video went viral with thousands of retweets and shares.

Though the two seemed concerned about how Rice’s father would respond, social media had things to say about that. One tweet said, “Get rid of the old man, keep them both I say.”

Dad must have come around, because the Rice family decided to keep the two puppies, named Paisley and Rocky.  After all, It’s not every day that you see two minds thinking  so much alike and two cute little faces as a result.

“It’s been so crazy!” said Rice. “I don’t know what to feel.” With two new furry little members in the family, this Valentine’s Day is sure to be filled with love.

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