Grim New COVID Record Set Under Biden, But Mainstream Media Isn't Even Mentioning His Name


One of the more repugnant ways the establishment media covered the emergence of COVID-19 globally last year was to act as if former President Donald Trump were personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Deaths from COVID were no longer blamed on the White House beginning earlier this year, when President Joe Biden was inaugurated. That’s good news for Biden, because as of this week, more people have reportedly died from the coronavirus in the U.S. this year than did in all of 2020.

As of Wednesday, 705,194 Americans had died after contracting COVID since the early months of 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University.

According to the university, 352,000 Americans died from January to December of last year in the U.S. during Trump’s term. As of Wednesday, 353,000 had died since the beginning of the year, when Biden and Democrats took over in Washington.

And how is the establishment media covering the news? Forbes, USA Today and The New York Times all ran stories without even mentioning Biden’s name. And ABC News referenced Biden only in the context of his administration purchasing more rapid tests.

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It’s a good time to revisit Biden’s campaign website, because the guy said he had a plan to fix all of this.

“Today, the trajectory of COVID-19 in America is headed in the wrong direction. In some parts of the country, the test positivity rate is climbing, hospitalizations are sky-rocketing, and testing sites are overwhelmed,” Biden’s website told voters. “Donald Trump’s catastrophic failures of governance have led to tens of thousands of needless deaths and economic pain for tens of millions of Americans.”

“It is impossible to know what the state of the COVID-19 pandemic will be on the day Biden takes office, but if elected, Biden won’t wait to take action. Minutes after he is declared the winner of the election, Biden will make one of his first calls to Dr. Tony Fauci and ask him to extend his unprecedented record of service to six Presidents by serving one more,” the pledge said.

“Dr. Fauci will have full access to the Oval Office and an uncensored platform to speak directly to the American people — whether delivering good news or bad,” whoever put together Biden’s website vowed.

Do you think we are going to have to simply learn to live with COVID?

Biden repeated the claim that Trump was killing people while on the campaign trail. He and Trump even shared a heated moment during the first presidential debate last September about COVID deaths as 200,000 Americans had been reported dead.

“It is what it is because you are who you are,” Biden said, addressing Trump. “The president has no plan. … He knew all the way back in February how serious this crisis was. He knew it was a deadly disease. … He panicked.”

“If we would have listened to you, the country would have been left wide open,” Trump responded.

Trump sure got that last part right. The country is wide open. It’s open for everyone but American citizens. Biden has had every opportunity and then some to apply the changes he thought were necessary to end the pandemic.

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Instead of saving lives, he’s got Democrats in Congress arguing among themselves about what term they should use when referring to nursing mothers and others scheming about minting trillion-dollar coins.

Nine months into the most inept White House administration in modern history, and we’ve seen how his plan for ending the pandemic turned out. Like everything else, it’s been a disaster. Biden will be known as the first president to have overseen more than 352,000 COVID deaths during his term in office.

In all fairness, no response would have prevented those deaths from being counted. Going forward, COVID is going to be part of life.

But if we’re going to use the same metrics that were applied to Trump, Biden sure has gotten a lot of people killed. The establishment media is quiet about that, and about the fact that Biden has also driven up the prices of fuel, food and other basic goods while denying the country an essential element: hope that things will get better.

Biden will have managed to have killed more Americans than his predecessor, per standards set by partisan reporters. But only he will have the distinction of also being the executioner of the Bill of Rights.

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