Group Buys 100 Sausage Biscuits & 100 Cups of Juice. Sets Them Out for Anyone in Need at McDonald's


Sunday mornings find many people flocking to churches.

It’s not unusual to see exhausted parents ushering children in various states of dress toward those pearly gates (aka the church doors), college students strolling in with cups of coffee, and grumbling stomachs from many people who have skipped the most important meal of the day in order to make it to services slightly more on-time than they would have otherwise.

But there are many people on Sunday mornings who will go without meals not because they’re rushing, but because they don’t have the means to feed themselves, let alone travel anywhere.

Fortunately, there are some men from Memphis, Tennessee, that are alleviating this need by providing a very unique kind of Sunday-morning service.

Lonetta Green was at a McDonald’s on Nov. 4 in Memphis when she spotted something unusual. There were stacks of juices and bags of biscuits sitting on a table, looking like someone had bought food to feed a crowd.

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When she realized who was behind it and what they were doing, she couldn’t help but post photos and a narrative on Facebook.

“While I was out delivering orders this morning I got a chance to witness something amazing,” her post began. “These guys bought 100 Sausage and Biscuits and 100 Orange juices and put them in the middle of the restaurant and said ‘Free to Anybody That Wants Some.'”

“I was blown away by such acts of kindness. They are from Orange Mound and They said they do this at a different McDonald’s every Sunday morning.”

“This is what they need to be showing on the news besides of what’s Wrong With Memphis. There are a lot of things that’s right with Memphis Too.”

This may not be exactly the same thing as loaves and fishes, but these men are definitely doing the Lord’s work by feeding the hungry.

The fact that they’ve taken on this ministry shows that there are people out there who still genuinely care about the welfare of others, and instead of waiting for someone else to step in, they see a need and fix it themselves.

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“Like B’ville, we have a lot of problems, & we also share that there are many good people working to make both cities better!” one person commented on Green’s post. “This is a kind, generous gesture!”

“This is what should be shown in Memphis & other places too,” another wrote. “These guys show there’s a lot of good people everywhere that are showing God’s Love.”

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