'We Have Guns Too': Bystanders Threaten Cops at Scene of Officer Murder


It seems like ever since the Ferguson riots, unfounded hatred of police has grown wildly out of control, to the point where it has become dangerous for cops even to be at a crime scene.

That was illustrated, on video, when gawkers who showed up to the scene of a tragic shootout that took the life of police officer Tara O’Sullivan on Wednesday in Sacramento, California, began threatening cops securing the scene.

While one unidentified woman shot video of various law enforcement officers securing what was at the time an active crime scene, bystanders began berating the cops for doing their jobs. One woman apparently had a breakdown, shouting nasty things at the cops.

“Whatever officer gettin’ shot, ya’ll need to be. Ya’ll need to be,” she yelled. One officer, who was showing professional restraint, can be heard saying, “Thank you, ma’am.”

But that sent the angry woman into overdrive: “You little punk … you little coward. Take that gun off, I’ll whoop your little butt.”

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She continued to scream at the cops and repeatedly called them “cowards,” all the while having absolutely zero clues about what was going on or why police officers were in a shootout with a suspect.

Do you think the woman should be arrested for threatening an officer?

She then crossed the line by leveling a dangerous threat at the cops, shouting, “We got guns, too.”

Again, this woman, who at some point decided that every police officer was guilty of everything without having facts or even an understanding of the active situation, all but threatened to kill police officers for doing their jobs.

Footage of the nasty encounter was posted on Twitter by Matthew Keys.

The shooting of the rookie officer was later labeled as an “ambush” by Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The Washington-based Fraternal Order of Police union issued a strong statement — written by National FOP Vice President Jay McDonald — that was directed at the “police haters” who arrived on the scene of O’Sullivan’s murder.

“While her family and her brother and sister officers were just learning of Officer Tara O’Sullivan’s tragic death, police haters in Sacramento made numerous comments celebrating Officer O’Sullivan’s murder and disparaging police,” the tweet read.

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The letter derided the bystanders for their actions and pointed out that had any of them come under fire or found themselves in danger, the cops at the scene, including officer O’Sullivan, would have been the first to help protect them.

A similar incident that involved bystanders threatening police and later engaging them — without knowing the facts of an officer-involved shooting that had recently taken place — happened earlier this month in Memphis, Tennessee. The frenzy prompted police to don riot gear in an attempt to control the unruly and violent crowd.

Two dozen officers and two journalists had to be taken to the hospital due to injuries, according to the New York Post.

As long as some in the liberal mainstream media, along with groups like Black Lives Matter, keep pushing a narrative that paints all police officers as racist killers, this type of violence will continue to happen. It’s inevitable.

Luckily, at the scene in Sacramento, the woman presumably didn’t have a gun on her to carry through with her disgusting threat. But unless something changes, it’s probably only a matter of time before one of these angry and potentially violent bystanders does the unthinkable.

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