He Hands Brother Giant Card for Christmas. When He Reads What's Inside, Starts Crying


Siblings are an important part of growing up. Few other people will have the same set of crazy as you.

Growing up with siblings, of course, is always less fun than being an adult sibling. Growing up is full of sibling rivalry.

Being an adult sibling is about being friends, and surviving the crazy of that one aunt we all have. You always have your brother or sister’s back.

My father always said to be kind to your family. You never know when you might need a kidney.

The Lash brother bond is about to get even stronger. When Brandon needed a kidney, it was his brother Derek who was the perfect match.

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And Derek told his brother the news on his birthday. With a giant novelty card.

“When I seen this I knew something was going down,” Brandon said in a recent news story, brandishing the over-sized birthday card.

Since posting the video of  Derek’s gift to his brother, their story has gone viral. An outpouring of support has flooded the family.

“We went through a lot when we found out he did need a kidney transplant,” father Stephen Lash said.

“Never would I have thought putting a video up, it would have led to such outpouring support from total strangers,” mother Beth Slavic Lash wrote on Facebook.

The wait time for a first kidney can be up to three and a half years. Of these kidneys, 11,570 come from the dead. On the other hand, about 5,530 come from living donors like Derek.

Even more striking, 2000 of the people on the organ donation waiting list are children under the age of 18.

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The national waiting list for an organ transplant, including kidneys — but not just kidneys — has 116,000 people on it.

Each day, 20 people die waiting for a transplant. Beth Lash ended her note Facebook by asking others consider giving the gift of life: “Our wish is that people will get tested and be a living donor.”

If you are interested in being a living organ donor, please talk to your doctor. Four out of ten organ donations come from a living donor.

Give someone a future by giving them a part of yourself this new year, or at least spread the word!

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