Harvard Prof. Says CNN Banned Him Because He Wouldn't Play Ball on Collusion Narrative


The news media have one job: to soberly report the news and the facts as even-handedly as possible.

Sure, there’s room for commentary and opinion, but even those should recognize that there are always two sides to a story. And pushing a one-sided political agenda shouldn’t be the main mission of an organization like CNN, which sanctimoniously presents itself as the factual authority in news.

But one of America’s most respected legal experts now says he was pushed off the air by CNN because he wouldn’t parrot a liberal narrative on the Trump-Russia collusion story.

Alan Dershowitz’s credentials are impeccable. He became the youngest full professor of law at Harvard Law School in the late 1960s and went on to prove himself as a noted scholar on criminal and constitutional law.

So it’s no wonder that outlets like CNN have valued his insight on legal matters over the years.

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But now the respected professor says that same network essentially banned him for not pushing the false narrative that President Donald Trump schemed with Russia to get elected.

“CNN wouldn’t have me on the air because they want a one-sided presentation, and everybody who watched CNN was shocked by the conclusions,” Dershowitz said during a Monday appearance on Fox News about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. “Nobody who watched me was shocked.”

Interestingly, the professor describes himself as a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton. But what he’s not is somebody who jumps to conclusions or repeats something that he believes is wrong.

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On the issue of collusion and the Mueller report, Dershowitz thought the establishment media were very wrong in assuming that the report would take down Trump — and now we know he was on target.

“I have been right from day one, and almost all the other pundits and professors have just been dead wrong,” the professor told Fox host Martha MacCallum. “It’s time for them to fess up.”

His comments further establish what conservatives have been saying for years now: CNN is hardly unbiased, and in fact has become a sort of propaganda wing for the Democratic Party.

“It’s time for CNN to issue an apology,” Dershowitz said. “CNN banned me from their air because I was being too fair. I was trying to assess what the essential issue was, and I wasn’t being partisan. They didn’t want that. They didn’t want that.”

Now, we have to point out that this is Dershowitz’s view, and it is possible there was a different reason CNN didn’t bring him on the air.

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However, as The Hill noted, left-leaning outlets like MSNBC and CNN used to frequently invite Dershowitz to comment on the Mueller investigation, but over the last few months, he only appeared on Fox News, a point that seems to back his claim.

Judging by his next comment, however, he probably won’t be invited to return to CNN any time soon.

“This is a good day for the president. It’s a very, very bad day for CNN,” Dershowitz said. “They should be hanging their heads in shame. They misinformed the American public and they have to have some public accountability.”

The media get it wrong, over and over again, because they see everything through the blue-tinted lens of agenda-driven liberalism.

And they’ll keep getting the big stories wrong — at least until they learn that earnestly repeating wishful thinking like “Trump colluded with Russia and will be brought down by Mueller” doesn’t actually make it true.

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