Hawley Hits Biden Over Flip-Flopping Abortion Record, Calls His Policies an 'Affront' to Americans


Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley warned President Joe Biden on Wednesday that his pro-abortion policies are an “affront” to the “deeply-held beliefs” of Americans.

Hawley called on Biden to reconsider what he called the “disastrous” decision to rescind the Mexico City policy, which prevents federal funds from going to abortions abroad.

“For millions of pro-life Missourians, and millions more pro-life and religious conservatives across the country, your administration’s effort to compel American taxpayers to fund foreign organizations working to snuff out the lives of unborn children around the world is an affront to their most deeply-held beliefs,” Hawley wrote in a letter to the president.

“Sadly, it provides further evidence that your appeals to unity were primarily words for a campaign — words that you appear to have little intention of putting into action,” he continued.

Hawley highlighted Biden’s record on abortion as a senator, calling it “perplexing” that the president is now making abortion a “top priority.”

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“During your several decades in Congress, you regularly supported the Hyde Amendment — an important safeguard against federal funds being used to support abortion procedures domestically,” Hawley wrote.

“Though you have recently changed your long-standing position on this issue,” he continued, “I must ask: How can you justify engaging in a taxpayer funded effort internationally that we have — in a bipartisan way, no less — long created safeguards against domestically in defense of life, liberty, and conscience?”

Hawley called the Mexico City policy “common-sense” and “an important safeguard” to ensure that U.S. aid money will not be used by foreign nonprofit organizations  to “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.”

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“Regardless of where one stands on the moral question of abortion, we should all be able to agree that resources entrusted to the federal government by American taxpayers should be used for the defense, betterment, and advancement of American lives and American values, not to subsidize the killing of unborn children abroad,” he wrote.

Hawley also cited a recent poll that found that 77 percent of Americans — including 64 percent of abortion supporters — oppose taxpayer funding of abortion overseas.

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