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Homeless Man Starts to Cry After He Sees Photo in Stranger's Truck, Recognizes Father


Talk about a real “what goes around comes around” story! This will make you realize just how connected we all are.

Johnny Cavazos had an incredible experience recently. One night he couldn’t sleep, so he went out and checked on some properties his family owns.

He happened to be driving a truck that belonged to his father, who passed away in July of 2015. The vehicle had strong sentimental value complete with items his dad had left in the truck.

The personal effects served to create a feeling that the truck was a living memory. While driving around, Johnny noticed that one of the properties had some debris in the lot.

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He began the clean-up by loading the debris in the bed of the truck. Then he noticed a man was approaching him from a distance.

The man was a bit disheveled and was gimpy on one leg. He seemed worn but approached Johnny and offered to help.

One would think the man was looking for a handout in return, but that was not the case. He asked for nothing but only said he “wanted to help.”

The stranger admitted to being homeless and very hungry. He said that he’d been sleeping at a nearby church at night, behind a statue of Mary, which was the only place he really felt safe. He’d also been working on a job for several days, but the man who hired him left him no food, no water, and never paid him.

Mr. Cavazos was more than willing to drive the man to Whataburger where he ordered him the “Megasize” meal. The homeless man protested at first because he couldn’t pay for the food. He showed Johnny the contents of his pockets: a few dry cookies, a rosary, and sixteen cents in change.

Almost offended at the man’s assumption that he’d have to pay for himself, Johnny bought the meal for the grateful man. The hungry man prayed before unwrapping his food, and then offered Johnny half the burger, which Johnny declined.

As they drove, while the man ate, they became more and more acquainted. The stranger commented on the nice truck and Johnny explained that it belonged to his deceased dad.

He showed the man a funeral card he kept in the truck that had his dad’s photo on it. The man looked at the picture, and after squinting at it and borrowing Johnny’s glasses to see more clearly, he became very emotional.

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He recognized Johnny’s father Juan Cavazos Sr. and his wife Araceli also. They ran the pharmacy in Olmito called Price Village Pharmacy.

The stranger explained that years ago he lived in Mexico and his daughter had been dying. She needed medicine but it was very expensive.

The heartbroken dad had made the trek to the pharmacy across the border and the Cavazos showed compassion and did what they could for the man and his ill daughter.

The homeless man said that he and his wife often spoke of how they could pay the nice couple back for their kindness. Part of the emotion of this night was finding out the elder Cavazos had died and payback was not possible.

Johnny assured the man that the man had already done his duty. “You helped clean up the property he owned and you didn’t even ask for anything in return.”

In his obituary, Juan Humberto Cavazos Sr. is described as a beautiful and most generous human being. The kindness he showed while on this earth is clearly still having an effect to this day.

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